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  1. @@HelpfulTracks I screwed up my click and accidentally down voted you.Mods, is there any way to un-downvote or change a vote?
  2. Ignoring, for the moment, if this is a good thing or not for the BOYS ... One of the things I really do like about the Girl Scout approach (and I understand that specifics are very leader dependent), is that it really is focused to try and encourage the Girls to believe that they can do anything they want to, including areas that at one time were not traditionally women's areas or roles. It is because of this, that I accept their reluctance for male leader role models to be involved in their program (as it may reinforce that a man has to teach me how to do this, rather than a woman teachi
  3. When adapting the requirements, that applies to the Rank, not to Merit Badges; and @@scoutldr is right the District/Council Committee must approve the changes. If a scout has a disability that prevents them from, say, camping overnight; the committee can approve alternate requirements for Tenderfoot through first class and can approve an alternative merit badge to replace earning the camping merit badge. They cannot change the requirements of the camping merit badge for the boy. A (trained) merit badge counselor should know that these are the rules, and work with the parent to either
  4. My Camp did this 25+ years ago. All members (usually) and especially those who were not already registered with a Troop or Post (both youth and adults - including our Military "volunteers") at the time were registered in a specific Explorer Post whose mission was support of the Camp. Technically, however, I do not think the Council was the Chartering Org for that post, a Church or Volunteer FD (near the camp) were the technical charter. The council may have paid the registration fee for those not dual registered. As for payment (to the staff), I don't think it creates an issue any m
  5. While there are (as demonstrated above) many answers to the question, I think one of the larger answers (from the Scout's perspective) is more than just having fun, but looking at what other options are there. If they don't play sports, and they don't have a neighborhood with lots of other kids their age; then just being able to socialize may be a big part of what keeps them there. When my son first joined his troop, I think they all would have been happy if they could just get together once a week, and hang out and play magic the gathering or some such. Camping just gave them a reas
  6. Thank you for the more elaborate background to the situation. Personally, I am bothered that the SE would agree with a non-advancement punishment, that person should know better. A more common punishment for the scout (which may or may not have a similar effect) would be an TBD month suspension from Troop activities. Based on your SM's policies of what is allowable service hours (again, this is against the rules of the Guide to Advancement), this further reinforces my opinion that the SM is a petty dictator looking to have control regardless of rules. Even if not removed from auth
  7. Keep in mind, as with all these types of disputes, we are only getting one side of the story. Now, given that, the ONLY reason to man-handle a youth in any way is for the immediate health and safety of that youth or others. Willful disobeying a directive (with good reason or not) is not such a reason. That said, the alternative option available to the SM would have been to call you to pick up your son from camp because he will not follow adult leader directions. As described, this is at least a Physical Assault (the pickup and carry - harm, if any, is irrelevant to the charge) and li
  8. The Marriott Family are supporters of the Scouting Movement, with at least some of their family having been very involved as youth members. Ross Perot was a scout (before wealth), I am not sure if his sons were.
  9. While I generally agree that the BOR requirement in this case was more of an impediment, slowing down scouts who wanted to earn the palms, I think I disagree with your reasoning here. If, as a committee member, I want to get a good idea of how well the unit program is functioning, the two people I want to hear from the most are: the newest scout who just joined (having fun, learning what you need to, understand the process, etc), and the most experienced scouts (i.e. Eagles that stay), because they have a good idea of how the program has evolved (better/worse), are effectively beyond po
  10. When my son earned his karate black belt, he had reached his goal, but he decided to stay in the program until he completed his first degree. He wanted to demonstrate that he was in it for more than just that initial goal. Most people, when you say black belt, don't really care or understand about what goes into degrees after that. I kind of look at the (old method) eagle palms like that. If I saw someone with Eagle palms, I knew that they didn't just get their Eagle and immediately leave. They stuck around and presumably gave back to their unit. With the new method, I wouldn't be sur
  11. From the perspective of ownership of the name of the prior council. If the Council's merged, then the new Council (if a new name was formed) or the surviving Council (if the old council was just absorbed), would "own" the name of the old council (all assets including intellectual property such as names, historic artwork, etc.).
  12. This can probably help get you started. https://www.ncacbsa.org/council-committees/membership/lions/ (for some reason, the resources links don't seem to be working) https://newbirthoffreedom.org/lion-guide-and-parent-orientation-video/ http://www.scouting.org/filestore/ppt/LionGuide_ParentOrientation.pptx In general, the Lion scouts will only attend a couple of the pack meetings, not all of them. The most important thing is to have an experienced Scouter serve as a Lion Guide (not Den Leader) to help the parents coordinate activities and taking turns leading Lion meetings.
  13. Question 1. Did you ever fill out an adult leader application, and if you did, was it ever turned in and processed. If so, you should be able to inquire with the Council office or your District Executive what your "official role" in the unit is. If the Cubmaster made you the Church Liasion, as Stosh says, this may mean you were registered as the Chartering Organization Representative (COR). If so, this could be good news for you, depending on who much work you want to do. As COR, you have the authority to "fire" the cubmaster, the committee chair, or any other adult leader in the uni
  14. Clearly, you don't know me, and I don't know you. That is one of the greatest limitations with communicating over a method like this forum vs. had we been able to meet in person. In fact, this is one of the general issues with communication in the modern era, is the lack to nuance a response or to adapt the vehemence of the response to the body language of the intended recipient. If I read your message correctly, and after my read of the last one I grant that I may not be, but you may be the first person to ever imply that I was a snowflake, or that I was dismissing your argument because
  15. Other than some self-appointed individuals, there are no "uniform police" in Scouting. I will admit that I kept my eagle badge on some of my my uniforms until I was no longer serving a Summer Camp Staff, at about 23. While I am sure my attitude was I earned it, I should be able to display it, I also justified it as helping to inspire the Scouts I was teaching at Camp. At the same time, I was in a co-ed explorer post, and on that uniform I never put on the eagle badge and instead went to the knot when I was 18, because I did not consider it fair to be so in their face to the women in the
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