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  1. Col. Flagg - Thank you again. Our troop is doing a "final push" for any boys that fall into the 14+ age group. They were told that they need to finish up Eagle by January, period. Of course this means that several of them are wink-winking it when non-councilors sign off on cards. In our Ward (probably like most other LDS pack/troops), Webelos is 1 year long then the 11 years old's cross over and fall into their own group of being scouts - but not really part of the troop. I was told that this has to do with being the age to receive the Priesthood - forgive me if this isn't totally correct. With this gap year and the church's new position, our Ward will produced a lot of "patch Eagles" by 13. I don't want to the MB police - but the Scout Law is the Scout Law. Stepping off my soap box and going to the link given by Col. Flagg...
  2. MattR - thank you. The LDS church is keeping their younger scouts in the program but have created a new program for the 14 & over year old scouts. They will still pay to keep the scouts in BSA if that is the youth's desire, but are not keep up with usual troop activities since time will now be spend on their new program. This change was suppose to take place in Jan 2018 - but the transition to the new YM program has already started in many wards (LDS locations). http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/11/health/lds-teens-boy-scouts-trnd/index.html We will probably move to a new Troop but the backlash at church might be difficult for our sons. They are expected (culturally & religiously) to keep to a very defined path. Sadly, that path colors a picture that is not in the BSA book.
  3. Right off the bat I want to say that I have already called our district officer about my 'issue' and was told us that we need to deal with it internally. That is a particular problem since our troop is an 'old boys club' where women / those that don't hold scout calling are dismissed or ignored. My concern: There is a huge push to get LDS boys to Eagle quickly due to the church dropping the program for older boys. A skilled trade member of the church "taught" his perspective on a MB subject then signed cards. He isn't a MB councilor but the council just auto signed the cards and the boys were awarded the MB. This week we had one scout that only needed the Swimming MB in order to be ready for is Eagle BOR, so the Troop Master asked him "Do you know how to swim?" The scout said "Yes" so the leader took the boys card and signed it himself. He is NOT a MB councilor for anything. Then our son is working on another Eagle MB with his patrol... The leader there wants them to completely do the packet and turn it in. From there that leader will mail them to a MB councilor he knows in another state and get the cards signed for the scouts. I am totally NOT ok with this. Not just because of the principle but because this is a building block MB that leads to other MB's that depend on having the foundation knowledge / ability (to demonstrate it). The scouts are camping soon with the intent to work on an outdoor MB. No leader going is a MB councilor and the course requires that the leader be officially trained due to the liability issue (they are not trained either). The intent is that this leader will sign MB cards at the end of the camp. There is more but my head hurts and I have no power. In the end Eagle is not a patch, but no one will listen. I come off looking like a know-it-all and sour grapes that other scouts are "reaching" goals. Any thoughts are appreciated.
  4. Thank you. After discussing this issue tonight and reading your replies, our boys have decided that a constructive approach is best. They don't want to single out this family but maybe work towards changing our local standards so situations like this don't continue. We've agreed to 'ponder' the issue for a week then family-meet next Tuesday to brainstorm how we might be helpful at either a local or council level. Thoughts on what scouts can do will be very welcome. Best wishes!
  5. Thank you for all your thoughts. We will read them again tonight with our sons. The scout is not in our troop but attend the same school as our sons. Also, I know that putting the mom "on the spot" by someone in my (non) position would only create the possibility of that scout dropping out. This is truly a lesson in critical thinking and citizenship in the community. We really did think that there were more perspectives than our immediate conclusions... for that we are thankful to this board.
  6. Our sons LOVE scouting. They seek out events and adventures on our own, which has resulted in some amazing memories. At several of our region's merit badge opportunities there is a scout from another troop. He is very soft spoken, calm and on the autism spectrum. He walks around when scouts should sit, leaves the area for good portions of the events / lessons, doesn't bring/do any of the prerequisite work and does not participate with anything hands on. At the end of every event his mom tells the merit badge counselor to "just sign the card because it is XXXX's goal to earn all of the merit badge". My boys are confused about what is 'right'. They have already seen a good handful of troop mates earn eagle because their parents did everything, which doesn't sit well with them. Yet, they have compassion for a fellow scout with extra needs. What is appropriate in this situation? My boys think that offering this other scout help would be the best action - but the scouter's mom says it doesn't really matter. She even told us that he can't float / swim yet was able to earn his swimming merit badge. Scuba and kayaking are on his list for this coming summer... Is this a lesson in minding their own business (per their troop leader)?
  7. SummerFun

    Religious Emblems & more

    Thank you again. Our son has what he feels is a good relationship with God - but is interested in learning how others 'walk in faith'. Part Sociology, part respect - completely who he is. I will have him speak with the Bishop again and we will read the BSA-LDS guidelines. Good news though - this afternoon he made contact with a nearby Catholic church (via their troop) and they are excited to have him learn about their church. Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday Season!
  8. SummerFun

    Religious Emblems & more

    Thank you everyone. I have shared your thoughts with our son. The block he is running into with the LDS troop is that the Bishop 'requires' the scouts earn a religious emblem before working on their Eagle rank. I am certain the Bishop intends for it to be the LDS one - but our son has gone that route before. Two years ago he went through the lessons (over several weeks) with the missionaries and chose not join the church. In trying to earn the LDS emblem he was asked to sit through these lessons again this summer, which he did. He still didn't want to join the church so he was not signed off as earning the emblem. Last week we call our council office and no one knew if he could work on other faith emblems. The Rep said to 'try it out' and see what happens. Our son feels learning about different faiths will benefit him personally so he is going to start exploring. He's created a short list of issues to address with the leader of other churches he is interested in learning about. If you have any thoughts, he would appreciate them. His list: *Tell the religious leader that he is attempting to learn about the faith, not necessarily join. *He is very happy to volunteer, assist and work with them to help their parishioners / building / community. *He is completely respectful of their faith, brings no judgments and will always be reverent. *He will always present himself in a manner that is respectful of the faith (in dress and appearance) with the appropriate studies done ahead of time.
  9. SummerFun

    Religious Emblems & more

    We have two sons that are very active in an LDS troop. Our elder son is very committed to the LDS church and has earned the associated religious emblem. Our other son does not believe in the tenants of the LDS Church but is a humanitarian and wants to explore all religions without joining them. Is it possible to earn the faith emblems of other churches? Is this even appropriate? By learning about other faiths he is not searching for a personal church, but rather a better understanding of his fellow man. Any thoughts are much appreciated.