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  1. I would like to share a work in progress. Getting back to basics and reintroducing Scouting as many of us old timers remember. Almost two years ago I followed my son and the Webelo den I was leader with to their current Troop. They have a Scoutmaster the boys adore and he is great with them. The only problem this Troop was lacking direction and has Scouts that are unable to do the basic Scout skills holding rank of First and above. After several problems with modern youth attitude several of us met and decided enough was enough. The boys holding leadership position did not want to ru
  2. I was lucky enough to have been able to copy this off the TV. I enjoyed this back then as a Scout and enjoy it still. I think this would make a great addition to adult leader training. Lem seems to be the Scoutmaster we would like to be. Now if my cousin would return my copy... I wonder if 'Snake' learned any of his skills at summer camp... Have a great day gentlemen.
  3. Good morning Paul. Having been in a simalar position years ago my heart goes out to you. You are to be commended for bringing Scouting to your comunity. It would be great to see all Scouts uniformed but as you illustrate it is not always possible. My point was to those units that can afford to be uniformed but chose not. They seem to be the ones that protest the most. Congratulations to your Webelos. I wish BSA as a whole could come up with a way to make Scouting more atainable for all and that Councils in your situation could get more help. Keep up the good work. YIS, Uncle Bob
  4. eisely You have spoken the words of a great many. In days gone by you would be called wise and your words wisdom. Gangbangers! I like that. Hey National lets move to a short along the lines of BDU's. These are mainly a field wear item and they need to be made functional. Uncle Bob
  5. Good evening everyone. I would like to put my two cents in on the cost and quality of the current uniform. First off I would like to say that the lack of proper uniforming of the Scout troops in this country is first and foremost the fault of the adult leaders. Cost and quality is not the reason, I will address this next, the real issue is as a population we have become a nation of slobs and our priorities nedd adjusted. It seems to be more important to look cool or comfortable, wearing our clothing in a sloppy manner. I see this everywhere, malls, church, civic meetings, the kids dress
  6. Pass the tartar sauce please. I'm sorry this is mean but I couldn't resist. Hey I forgot that I read a story of a mean Scout who repopulated a local lake with fish that led to the repopulation of other wild life that led to ... How cruel! Isn't life interesting?
  7. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Actions do speak louder than words. Wake me when the nightmare is over. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  8. HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP HELP Can anyone help me find a copy of 'Follow me Boys'? E-bay had a copy but wow $75.00 was way too steep for me. Thomas Heavey from Tacoma Wa. posted on 'Embers' 4/25/01 that his local cable network will be showing 'Follow me Boys' on the Disney Channel 2 am PST. This movie prompted me and others to join the Scouts. I hope it is as good as I remember. If not don't tell me. Popcorn anyone. Uncle Bob
  9. The Troop I am associated with allows older Scouts First Class or higher to sign off on rank requirments. (works well) For Star and above the Scoutmaster takes the time to make sure that if a Scout needs something signed of it is done. Now for your advancement chair person. You know those those pesky gnats that always seem to be in your face on long hikes ... Well maybe she just needs a little help. Good luck. YIS Uncle Bob
  10. Good evening. I too find it hard to belive what some so called adults will do. The world is upside down, what was once right is now wrong, go figure. I'm not sure that anyone is more pro uniform than me. Here comes my two cents. Scouts in my opinion should NOT wear uniforms when fund raising. This includes the selling of that great popcorn from Trails end. A Troop T-shirt is ok and so is displaying posters or other aides. I have developed this view from the writings in my earlier Scout Handbooks. I do belive that the uniform SHOULD be worn at all other Scouting activities. I want to make
  11. Good evening everyone. Thanks for letting me vent. It was very interesting to read the replies, some very good points. Well I would like to take amoment and share something with everyone. Today I was leaving the local Wally Mart and on the way out I noticed a man that I guessed to be about 70 helping a woman probably 60 pick up some bags she had dropped while going out the doors. I guess the automatic door was out of order. While helping her pick up the bags I overheard him say to her that he would carry them to her car. She said this wasn't neccesary and his reply stopped me in my tracks. "I
  12. Sorry folks I need to vent. What has happened to Scout Spirit? In the five years I've been a Scouter I have not seen much of it. Let me start of by saying that I realize everyone has their definition of 'Scout Spirit'. I think if we compare it to the ideas the founders had regarding 'Scout Spirit' a lot of people will find they are way off base. From the adults on down something has gone wrong. I have heard people at all levels complain of policy from National and Council not suiting them. Oh, we dont wear uniforms because ... what is this nonsense, Comunity service... sure we do what is neede
  13. I might suggest you contact your local NAPA store. I operate a store in my town and find that no matter how hard I try to use all the promotional items sent to me I always have things left over. Each year I donate toy cars, posters, stickers and banners to a few of the local Packs. Most of the NAPA managers I have spoken with have shown a willingness to do the same. Who knows maybe some free stuff is just a call away. Also one year we were able to get a local racer to donate a couple pair of used slicks. Kept the children not racing busy. Good luck.
  14. The Scouts in my sons Patrol have been together since Tigers and have just finished their first year as Boy Scouts. Two years ago as Webelos they purchased 4 3man dome tents green in color from the local Sports Authority. Sale price $29.99, regular price $39.99. This past summer they were able to purchase the same tent for $39.99. These boys have done quite a bit of camping, over 20 days and nights in the past year. Most of them in these tents. These tents provide plenty of room for two boys and their gear and weigh about 8lbs. I am over six foot and found it ok for me and my gear. After more
  15. I think that Mike Long hit the nail on the head when he stated,'Unless raised in a family that practices faith, Scouts have no idea what it means to be reverent.' As a youth I had more exposure to religon in Scouting that I did with my family. With the boys I work with I see the same thing. I guess some things never change. I try my best to let the Scouts know of my beliefs. I ask them what they believe and the answers are often priceless. When I first joined Scouting the Scoutmaster told me that I couldn't be a Scout unless I went to church. It wasn't until my family moved from one coast to t
  16. Thanks for the reply folks. I'ts great to get different view points. First off I don't think any one person has the 'right' answer but I do have my views and many are shared by my friends who are of different religions. Second my point was if the people who are unhappy with the attack BSA is under want change or preservation they need to stand up and be counted. Third, the issues of politics should be seperate from the program. I too am sadden to see youth groups losing meeting places because of politics. As adults we often allow our agendas to fog our commitment to the boys and program. What
  17. Old grey Eagle, I recently with help of my wife built a Court of Honor Center piece. We made a copy of the First Class Scout Badge placed it on a zip file, took it to Kinkos had them put it on a black background. Next I had them print to 11x17 on a good paper. Cost $7.50. I then took the copy traced the outline onto 3/4 plywood and cut it out. My wife, watch this poor spelling >>> decoposhed (SIC) the color copy to the wood. The combination of the black background and the finish gives it a 3-D appearance. I imagine you can do the same with the Eagle Medal or Rank Badge. I took the art
  18. Old grey Eagle>>>>>>>>>> I have feeling you've been around a while. What's the best story to tell at a campfire? One thats been passed down over many years. What's the best patrol flag? One thats worn and experinced. What's the best memories? Ones you can share with younger patrol members before you move on. I remember a time in Scouting when younger boys were mixed in with older ones. I don't ever remember anyone taking advantage of anyone else unless you refer to knowledge. I wish this was still the way but i do have mixed feelings. I joined a Troop with my son
  19. Did I see 'TO wear'? Great we need more of this. If not a member of a Troop join one if a member set an example and, how does that commercial go? Oh yeah, JUST DO IT.
  20. The issue BSA is facing Broward County is one we will all be facing at some point in the not too distant future I'm sure. The solution to this and other moral problems is simple. Stand up for what is right. If everyone one opposed to the immoral behavior the country is being subjected to would get up off their bottoms and pay a visit to our local governments and let them know we are not going to stand for this any longer we might get thier attention. Let everyone opposed to the degrading of our society vote with those who stand the moral high ground and with hold money from those organizations
  21. Uncle Bob


    I would like to start of by stating I belive in uniforms and that they should be worn correctly and that anything less is just wrong. Next I would like to know why they cost what they do and who designed these new pants? What a waste. First of all I think BSA should have developed (2)styles of uniform long pants. One a dress pair and the second a field pant based on the BDU. (I don't endorse camo.) Kids love them adults love them, they are comfortable and unlike the pockets on the 'new' pant these can hold a lot of neat stuff. Adult; first aide kit, compass, rope, book, bug spray, etc... Kids;
  22. Moral Values: Hot topic for sure. BSA set a standard and the high court of the land ruled in the favor of BSA. Let's move on from here and respect the standard and ruling if we really care about the Scouts, or did we forget about them in all this. The Bible teaches this and other behavior is a sin in the eyes of God. The question we should be asking now is how will we account for ourselves when called before our maker. Merry Christmas and happy holidays. God's blessings on all.
  23. Like many I feel that 13-14 is too young for Eagle. Some of the boys that age with Eagle don't really understand. But I know more set my mind to this I come across two exceptions. Just goes to prove everyone is different. In the 'good old days' we were expected to act look and dress as scouts. We were expected to show what we learned, not just go through the motions. We had to SERVE in the ranks for a period of time. We could not or did not sign off on multiple rank requirments. Today we have more adults involved, as leaders in troops and for merit badges. But I have seen some boys signed off
  24. Uniforms. This tool shows the public who we are and what we think of ourselves. First BSA notes in the front of the uniform and insignia guide the policy regarding uniforms. I have seen units develope their own uniform policy; class 'a', class 'b', blue jeans, etc. I believe that there is only one uniform and if we promote anything else it is the same as saying let us make our own rules for behavior and advancement or we can change what we want. I was saddened a few years back when I became reinvolved with scouting to see and hear the public response to Scouts because of the poor image they ga
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