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  1. Over 18 you're not supposed to wear a rank patch. If you mean your OA patch, of course you may. For those who aren't sure, the admonition IS in the OA handbook if you know where to look. It isn't labeled as such.
  2. The access word is supposed to be the OA admonition, but that doesn't work. There must be someone who knows how to fix the problem. Trouble is contacting that person.
  3. ozemu: International perspective from where? As I mentioned before, and most who have been to Nat'l or world jamborees or traveled abroad can probably attest, most countries do wear their national flag on the uniform, and in my opinion should continue to do so. As far as other patches, there are relatively few that are mandated on the uniform. The others are optional. Some like to wear more, some like less. My uniform is currently in need of a reduction. I might keep one shirt "decked out", but the other, mainly for in the field and every-day stuff, is getting cleaned up soon.
  4. I want to go!!!! I'd love to go to Big Bend! The troop my 2 boys and I are with right now would cry if they lost sight of the 3 ton troop trailer. That's why we're visiting other troops. Once a boy learns how to cook on a pack stove and carry his gear, he's hooked. At least that's what happened to me and my buddies when our small troop planned for a year to take a backpacking trip from Houston to the Tetons back in the late 70s. From then on we packed about 60-70% of our campouts, even if it was tp pack into camp where the car was parked. We never again HAD to rely on the car for carrying big
  5. There IS a collections merit badge, and it IS pretty general in nature. I think coin and stamp collecting have stayed on because those two hobbies are very big. Where can we find stats on how many boys earn those two each year? Many, if not most member countries of the World Organization of Scouting have their nations' flag on their uniform. Why would the USA be any different. Not just a symbol of pride, but identification. As far as ID, maybe remove the "Boy Scouts" strip over the right pocket. I could see that as being redundant. And a more visually pleasing Scout badge could be designed
  6. Has anyone had luck accessing the OA forum? I keep getting a "cannot open this page" message. I also can't contact the moderator. Any info?
  7. GLEN: BDU= Battle Dress Uniform, what the military wears. They are available in a wide variety of colors and camo patterns. I personally would allow BDU pants ONLY if they were olive drab color IF I had a say in the matter in my troop. They are better for field use than BSA pants, but I don't like to see them on more formal occassions like Courts of Honor and such. Camo has been specifically discouraged by BSA from what I understand.
  8. National came out with a policy change about 8 or 9 years ago on this. In the Houston area, it was taken very seriously. The actual "tapping" was done away with, as was turning Bobcats upside down. I had seen smaller Scouts brought to tears when they were "tapped" too hard by an overzealous OA member. And I understand there had been a lawsuit when a Bobcat was dropped on his head during a pinning ceremony. Usually (not neccessarily always) when National make a major policy change, it's for a good reason. Tradition and "we did it that way when I was a Scout" aside, the emotional and physical sa
  9. I don't think my two Scout sons would let me forget that. Anyone else out there?
  10. Kevin M


    When I was in about 7th grade, my mom, an excellent seamstress, taught me how to use the sewing machine to make simple gear for my GIJoe. Shortly after that I began sewing on all my Scouting patches, and making repairs. I even did all my patches on my military uniforms. I've offered to sew patches for Scouts in the troop. Some boys' uniforms look like they sewed everything thenselves, which is great! Others have showed up with patches stapled on, pinned on, taped on, and (horrors) ironed on. It's amazing the number of people who think the plastic backing on patches is an iron-on adhesive. Whe
  11. Serious comments, suggestions, experiences, info., etc., please. (I don't need you to tell me I'm insane.) I've considered checking into becoming a professional Scouter. I've recently finished my BA, but I'm also a veteran Scout (10 years), and Scouter (15 years). Serious comments please. I've heard all the jokes.
  12. Are we double clicking on the "submit" button, or is there a glitch in the system? I've never been to Philmont, but I would hope they would do better on the nutrition end. Any experienced backpacker knows the importance of trail fuel (food). On the trail is no place to go on a diet! Maybe consider the NOLS approach of bulk items based on a formula of location, duration, and number of people?! Maybe we could coax someone involved with Philmont's nutrition staff to comment.
  13. Aside from individual troop policy, the SM conference and BOR can be held on the same date. There's no stipulation on time between the two. And as mentioned by eisly, date of rank is from the BOR, and the COH is a formal recognition of the boys' accomplishments.
  14. jmc: The original post isn't about women in BSA. I too welcome women into the BSA ranks. The problem mentioned is the assumption that "Scout" or "Scouter" automatically refers to the BSA, omitting the GSUSA. I personally can longer ignore the girl side of Scouting... my daughters would kill me.
  15. And unfortuneately it sometimes works the other way. I've been a registered BSA Scouter for 15 years, and a GSUSA Scouter for 1 year. At a recent Girl Scout camporee I was looked at by many like I was invading a sacred female ritual by some of the women. The girls didn't seem to have a problem, though one girl asked me why I had an official volunteer t-shirt on, not realizing that men can be registered GSUSA leaders. And the adults from my daughter's troop, as well as the service unit leader (like a district commissioner) were thrilled to have me and the two other dads present. I'll keep parti
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