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  1. Our troop is courently in a heated conflect about uniforming. The conflick arising from a trip we are taking to a larger city. It has to do with the United States supreme court dicision the BSA to disallow announced "gay" leaders. The one side says do to the potentionl problem they should not have to wear the uniform. The other side (which I'm on) contests that the uniform should be woren, because of what it represents. The uniform is the glue that holds us together as scouts. Without it we are nothing to the general public. So what do you think. Should they or shouldn't they, what do
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    Our troop has had problems with getting kids to wear uniforms to meetings and activities. Any suggestions?
  3. I was woundering what some ideals for disiplin are. I curently am using a "disiplin jar." Which in theary works very well. The only unforseen problem was the boys are liking the idea to much. The idea is the everytime the boys did something against there rules I could charge them a quarter. It works,but the problem is some of the boys want to donate even if there not bad. Is donating a good idea? I should say all money raised is going to a local chairety, and the boys know it.
  4. Remember, the Webelos are the "big guys." As the big guys they are expexted to set the example. You should make sure they're in proper uniform and behaving. At the same time haveing fun doing so. Its your job to make sure there having fun. Make uniforming fun. As a new Webelos scout leader I've found it eaiser to plan skits and songs for pack meetings. Also make sure you cub master makes each meeting funfilled, and remember that parents are a must at packmeetings. What ever you do remember not to become to overzelus. KISMF. Keep It Simple Make it Fun!!!!
  5. Get out there and look for local companys that maight be willing to donait items for auction, or donait item such to help with fundraising. It will take sometime, but with hard work and a little preserveriance anything can be done. If its worth the reward, its worth the effort put in. The more you put in the more you and your boys get out. Remember though companys are more willing to give if the boys ask themselfs. My sugestion would be to sit down at a meeting and make out letters to send to local companies. You may be supprised to find there willing to find a way to help out. If your
  6. ask your local video store. You may have to ask for it by name. They might have it sitting on a shelf somewere.
  7. when I was a scout i remember going on campouts. I also remember the scoutmaster telling us repeatedly to soup the outside of our pans. Let me tell you if you want to keep the grime off those pans soup them.
  8. I curently have 10 webelos. It is not the boys i feel i'm having problems with, its the parents. Does anybody have any ideas how to keep parents excited about scouting through this transition peirod?
  9. The requirments have not changed much. However as a Eagle scout in this generation they do seem quite easy. I think boys need to incouraged to explore all that scouting has to offer. It is up to us to see that they have to opertuities to do so.
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