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  1. Forget about handwarmers in the bottom of your sleeping bag. I learned this one at Mountain Warfare Training in the Marines. In the evenings we would get "hot wets" ie hot water or broth. After everyone had their fill, those of us in the know would fill our canteens with what was left and then put the canteens in the bottom of our sleeping bags. Just have to make some extra hot water for cocoa in the eveing.
  2. I need some feedback here please. I am a Scoutmaster for a new Troop and we are in the process of trying to get uniforms for our boys. We have basically been given a large quantity of non official scout shirts. These shirts are khaki in color just slightly darker than the official shirt. Otherwise the only difference is plain buttons and no BSA nametape which we could have made for a small sum. One added bonus is however that the shirts are all cotton broadcloth much more comfortable than the polyester blend. As far as I know in the old days, the only constant was the style and basic color and patch placement. Like I said these shirts are just slightly darker khaki than our present uniforms. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Also if there are any "official" regulations regarding this matter.
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