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    Court of Honor Uniform for Cub Scout?

    I say wear the uniform. My 8 year old son wore his Cub uniform to an Eagle Court of Honor and as a result was asked to get up on stage and be a participant. This has left an impression on him, he's already talking about when he gets his Eagle.
  2. talen333

    Is Order of the Arrow open to adults ?

    "If you were elected to the OA during those 5 years you were a Boy Scout, you can reestablish your membership by paying current dues to the local Lodge. The Lodge will have to first verify that you were indeed elected to OA as a youth." Sort of true. If you were tapped out and completed your ordeal then the above is true. If you were elected but never completed your ordeal then you were never a member and would need to be selected again. Cub Scout packs cannot elect anyone to OA so the group you are currently active with is unable to elect anyone.
  3. talen333

    Gee I feel slighted by DHS

    Brother Broadsword of Warm Humanitarianism and yes I'm most likely on some watch list.
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    I don't think Scorpionass has written a nice posting yet. Maybe it doesn't understand the idea behind helping each other and enjoying the boards. My vote for pie is Olallieberry. Best Berry Ever!
  5. talen333

    Good Turn for America Patch

    The right pocket flap is only for the OA patch. The excerpt below is from nationals site. Seems pretty clear that temporary patches do not belong on the pocket flap. "Only one such patch may be worn at a time. The patch is worn centered on the right pocket and must not exceed the dimension of the seams of the pocket, nor extend higher than the lowest tip of the pocket flap."
  6. talen333

    OA Elections For Multiple troops

    While I believe the central location idea has some merit. I think that trying to do it at Camporee may not be the best plan. The number of boys at a campout may not be as high as you would get at a normal meeting and you really need everybody there to vote if possible. There are also alot of lodges that will do the tapout at spring camporee so you would already want to have the voting done ahead of time.
  7. talen333

    Patrol Name Reality Check

    Our newest patrol is the Snipe patrol. Their yell is You'll Never Find Us!
  8. talen333

    Word Associations (you do not want to hear)

    Hey y'all hold my Nalgene and watch this.
  9. talen333

    Obama op ed in Washington Post today

    I found this interesting, from the Washington Times President Obama's economic recovery package will actually hurt the economy more in the long run than if he were to do nothing, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday. CBO, the official scorekeepers for legislation, said the House and Senate bills will help in the short term but result in so much government debt that within a few years they would crowd out private investment, actually leading to a lower Gross Domestic Product over the next 10 years than if the government had done nothing.
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    I heard this on Glenn Beck this morning and could not agree more. I think regardless of whether you are to the right or to the left we all need to remember who we were on 9/12. "On the five year anniversary, five year anniversary of September 11th, I asked CNN to play the video of the collapse of the towers. They're in a video vault now. Getting those videos on the air took almost an act of God. Nobody wants to show you these videos anymore. Nobody wants you to see these anymore. Everybody blames it on the pain. You know what? On September 11th, September 11th, 2001, we were all in shock. I remember how I felt. Do you? I remember how lost I was. I remember I didn't know what was coming our way. I had forgotten all about Osama Bin Laden. I warned against him in 1999 and forgot about him. On September 11th I knew what was going on. On September 12th I and you and millions of other Americans stood in line to give blood. They didn't need any blood. There weren't going to be any survivors. But as we stood in line on 9/12, we all promised ourselves we would never, ever forget. We all promised ourselves that we would do whatever it took to get these killers. Well, a lot of these killers are still wandering around. But more importantly, a lot of us have become that 9/10 American. We don't want to be reminded. We don't want to live through the pain anymore. We don't want those emotions brought up. Well, you know what? I think those emotions should be brought up."
  11. talen333

    Fall Roundup Ideas...

    We go to each classroom in the school in full uniform and get the kids excited about scouting. This is done the day before Roundup. You spend maybe 2-3 minutes in a class and ask if they like camping, fishing, hiking etc. We then leave flyers with the teacher so the boys go home that night asking the parents if they can come back tomorrow night and sign up for scouts. We also have our Class B shirts at roundup, anybody that signs up and pays that night gets a shirt to take with them. This includes volunteering parents We have found that you will have a better chance of them signing up if you have alot of parents and leaders there to answer any questions they have that night. We also use some of the more mature Boy Scouts from the affiliated troop to entertain the prospective Cubs, this frees the leadership up to recruit the parents, the boys are already sold that's why they are there. We also only do roundup for about one hour.
  12. talen333

    He chose a White Woman

    Bill Ayers was a community organizer.
  13. talen333

    Running scared?

    "Of all the "headlines" and "leadoffs" that were mentioned, only one delivered fact without opinion - NPR." Calico- Are you kidding? NPR makes CNN look like a right wing puppet.
  14. talen333

    OA Completion

    If you did not go through your ordeal as a youth you must be chosen again. This is taken from nationals site. Hope it helps you. In general, the adult qualifications are different from the youth requirements. Adult selection is based upon their ability to perform the necessary functions to help the Order fulfill its purpose, and is not for recognition as an honor. Selected adult Scouters must be an asset to the Order because of demonstrated abilities, and must provide a positive role model for the youth members of the lodge. Read the section of the guide mentioned above for details. (This message has been edited by talen333)
  15. talen333

    R. E. Lee is not PC

    "I really don't know what you all would do if you had as much history as us Brits? " So many of us have our roots over there I think given enough time or incentive we'll fight over that too.
  16. talen333

    He chose a White Woman

    Move to Richmond, I was born there.
  17. talen333

    He chose a White Woman

    "Are you guys having fun re-fighting the Civil War?" You mean the war of northern aggression? I often wonder why people call it a civil war. A civil war is a war fought between two or more factions for the control of one government. The south had already left and formed its own government it didn't want to control the United States only the Confederate States. Pet peeve.
  18. talen333

    Life Priorties

    I posted this over in the war between the states so I'll repost here since you opened this thread. Who's to say that the father won't be taking care of the baby? I seriously doubt that he will be staying in Alaska with his wife in DC. My wife makes twice what I do, with our four kids I have always been the one to stay home with them when they were little. Nobody can tell me a father can't do that job anymore than they can say a woman can't do the job she wants. It has always been in the best interest of our family for me to be the one at home who's right is it to say what is best for the Palin family?
  19. talen333

    He chose a White Woman

    Who's to say that the father won't be taking care of the baby? I seriously doubt that he will be staying in Alaska with his wife in DC. My wife makes twice what I do, with our four kids I have always been the one to stay home with them when they were little. Nobody can tell me a father can't do that job anymore than they can say a woman can't do the job she wants. It has always been in the best interest of our family for me to be the one at home who's right is it to say what is best for the Palin family?
  20. It seems that people are having a hard time explaining what they like about their candidate of choice because a great many people are feeling much the way I do. I am not so much voting for a candidate as I am voting against the other one. I like Palin because she seems to be the one with the viewpoints that most closely mirror my own. That said I am voting McCain because he has the only real conservative in the race on his ticket.
  21. talen333

    He chose a White Woman

    "Perhaps she should have given Trig up for adoption so he could have a loving, dedicated mother. Do you think there's a conservative mother who might want to adopt Trig?" Gern- I love to stir things up as much as the next guy, usually in person, but that was really low. You are just pathetic.
  22. talen333

    Red Vest

    We took one red felt vest and cut it apart at the seams to use as a pattern and then went out and bought a sturdier more readily washed fabric and made our own vests. You cannot tell until you get up close that it is not the same as the official vests but all the boys like the homemade vests better after they see them. Moms and Dads like that you can wash them and they still look good.
  23. talen333

    A single location and night for Tiger dens

    Our Pack has an experienced leader act as a Tiger Coach. He runs the meetings for the first couple months and slowly brings the parents into the idea of leadership. When you find a parent that does scrapbooking they run that meeting. Someone else is a scientist they get that one and so on until the parents are running things. The Coach is available all year to answer questions and help out but stops coming to den meetings after the parents are comfortable. We hold our meetings in our COs building on a set night and do it every week that there is not a school holiday. No school no meeting. We only lost 2 Tigers last year out of 18.