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  1. I didn't mean to imply you were flaming thru my posts. The goose-stepping comment was NOT aimed at you. I meant it to mean that since I have parents reluctant to lead I will shoulder the load while building support from them. I will get some assistance thru including them in the meetings...not demanding leadership from someone just to go "by the book". I follow the "book". We are following the steps and achievements to get our Tiger. I make it fun and that's what Tigers is about...learning about scouting, having fun and advancing. I'd rather let the boys have fun within the guideli
  2. Our den flag is a standard CubScouts flag w/numeral in the upper RH corner. Our pole is a bit jazzier. It's painted orange w/black tiger stripes on it. Turned out pretty cool. Our pack encourages being creative w/den flags. How can I incorporate the boys names in a "unique" manner? I thought of individual ribbons created from ribbon material and personalized by the boy/parent or maybe a pennant that would hang down under the flag like a banner. (Roman Empire style) Any cool ideas? THANKS in advance!
  3. eagle-pete, Eagledad, Sprocket....Thank you. That's my immediate goal, participation/involvement during the meetings...not goose-stepping in cadence. I spoke to a Wolf den leader who had similar problems when he had a Tiger den. He echoed the "slow" approach. At first, have them help out during meetings..."Hey ____ . Can you grab those _____ and set them up for us?" "Jim, can hold this stick while the blindfolded boys swing wildly at the pinata attached to it?" [that's a joke :-)]etc. etc. I have some boys that show up for everything and some that show up 1 out of 5 times. The parent
  4. "PLEASE - Do NOT comprimise the BSA Tiger Program. IT is there for a reason!" First, no boy is EVER "dropped off". The parents MUST attend & they know it. I had two drop out immediatley after the first meeting when they found out it wasn't a baby sitting service. It's been kind of a social get together for the parents. That's going to change Thursday night. If they won't lead, they will be involved in the den meetings. Now that we have our Bobcat we're going all out for the Tiger and the parents will particpate in some form. It's not rocket science. And yes, I'm trained.
  5. I appreciate the help folks. It's been 30 years since I wore a Scouting uniform...as a Webelo..a LOT has changed. We have a den meeting this Thursday and I'm going to apply the suggestions from the replies. I will be bugging everyone here for suggestions/help...I'm glad I found the forum!
  6. I volunteered to be the den leader. Our den is new (10/06) and small in number...8. Den meetings/go-see-its/pack meetings have all been great. We've gotten our Bobcat badge and we're full steam ahead towards the Tiger! So far, I have had ZERO help from the parents. I ask for volunteers, pass around sign-up sheets to no avail. Everyone is busy...soccer, basketball, siblings activities and the likes. Make no mistake, I ENJOY conducting the meetings and planning etc.;we always have fun. The boys are great and eager to give their best at anything we go for. I am not upset by the lac
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