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  1. Amazing. That's as bad as my Ex who did the same thing for the Cathelic Supply Company he worked for! Where are people's scrupples these days????????
  2. This may not help your situation but I wanted to tell what we did when we had a leader swearing really bad if front of the boys. HE was a trucker and was around it all the time. When we asked him to tone downt he language, he was truely appolgetic but he still had a real hard time remembering not to use those choice words. But he had a great attitude and a great sense of humor. At one den meeting, he brought a big jar of those hotel soaps with him and an empty jar. He explained to the boys that swearing was inappropiate and that he had a real problem with it too and he was trying to s
  3. Thanks okay VentureScout, I was just teasing with you. I was thinking of "Venturing" and "Green" and you being a Venturer. Carry on!
  4. How cool! Thanks for letting us know. I hope they bring in the scouting aspect of it too. Could be a great recruiting tool! I'll watch out for this
  5. And why would you be thinking about green bars, Mr. venturescout?
  6. Oh, and what I meant to add to my last post is that an Eagle project isn't really for doing the project itself but to demonstrate your leadership skills. Why can't you organize a service to the community with your troop as the laborers and collect donations? It can be something as simple as a carwash or something like a dinner drive. A local scout just had put on a Pancake Breakfast for all the scouts doing the Scouting for food and took donations for the breakfast. The local businesses donated the food and kicked in money for his project as well. I know of any scout that helped organize
  7. Why can't you contact teh companies with your needed list and see if they will donate? Lumber Cos, Garden centers, and places like Costco or Sams might be willing to help you with what you need or at least give a good discount. Local businesses may also be willing to donate money or supplies. The worst they can do is say no.....
  8. After seeing the "Polynesian Duck Dance," it made me wonder... I can't get our troop boys to sing at all! And they mostly mumble at camp when they have to do it. How do you get your boys to do it? What kinds of songs do they like?
  9. EagleInKY, just wanted you to know that I stole, I mean borrowed your idea about the scout law and gave it to our SM. He used this witht he boys and it was so great! HE had them going for four weeks until he finally told them it was the word "is" and why. But for four weeks of meetings, the boys were trying to guess certain laws and the SM would have them explain why they thought that. Then it would open up convesation about that with the rest of the troop. But the fourth week, one of the boys finally caught on and asked if this was a trick question because they had listed all the
  10. Well, I wouldn't say that there is "no" adult input. When the boys come to us for advise, we'll help them out. Sometimes it's a questions with a question, sometimes it's alist of possiblilities, and sometimes it's a direct answer. The whole point is that Adults should be a resource of infomation but not the ones to do it. And if you can get the kids to think it out on their own, they definately will retain something! My motto when getting parents along on the trips, especially the new ones, is " Your not going as Mom or Dad but rather a BS Leader." OF course a little training helps!
  11. If you meant me, FOG, (I'm Shell) yes, I agree. That was my unstated point. And what was amazing to me was that he was 16 at the time and he came to that conclusion on his own. And he sought guidance from the SM. ....I want a son like that! Needless to say now, but he was an Eagle Scout with 2 palms before he left the program at 18 for college. He vows to return someday. I think he just might!
  12. Sounds like you've got a good list going. I was trying to remember some of the courses I've taken at our Commissioners and District Service College (Your University of Scouting) over the years. Here's what I've got in mind... Training for RT Staff both Cub and BS and Venturing- How to run a good District RT(2-parter for us) Issues and Concerns - Our SE will come and the group will discuss current issues in Scouting (both Council wide and nationally) Individual courses for each of the District Positions and how to best serve that position (ie. Training, Advancement, Activities,
  13. I'm not a Junior Leader but have been a "supervising" adult on outings. The Adults that go on our outings are proudest to say that when we were "totally bored and had nothing to do," it was a successful trip for the boys! In other words, the boys managed their own outing. When patrols show up for the outing, usually the patrol will delegate their duties for set up, etc. If their are "lone scouts" that don't have the rest of the patrol with them, the SPL will arrange a group for them to be with. Usually, from an adult's perspective, it "looks" kaotic but eventually, you strat to
  14. I don't think age matters as much as their rank and experience in the troop. And if the fellow troop members think enough of them to vote them in the position, then they should be given a chance and usually will do well. By default though, our SPLs are usually the older scouts. And in our troop, the Adult counterparts are there to mentor the boy for their success. Like (SPL to SM), (Scribe to Advancement), (Quartermaster to Equipment Chair),etc For us: SPL - 16, Life Assistant - 15, Star Quartermaster - 14, Second Class Scribe - 16, First Class Troop Guides - 14-17, Star
  15. I'm sure I'll be corrected but I don't think it's your job to get your fellow Scouts to get "Eagle Rank." However, that doesn't mean that, by example, you can't encourage your troop mates to advance and excel in the program. Scouting isn't for Eagle mills but to help give the scouts confidence and experience in taking leadership, experiencing life, and in servicing others. (At least the way I see it.) And I see nothing wrong in you being a SPL even if you have your Eagle rank already. If it is like you said and no one would step up. And if you had a troop election where your fellow t
  16. Our Troop's "Adult Patrol" comprise of any and all adults that attend an outing with the boys. It's ever changing in it's membership. We're called the "Old Log" patrol. It's a reminder that, not only are we older, but we're supposed to be like "logs" when it comes to letting the boys experience their own growth and leadership in the troop. We just "lay there" until the boys need us. Oh, and we bring the car keys!
  17. Civic Rights (segregation) and "Core Values" (Moral values) are two seperate issues.
  18. I used to be a Fox! W1-609-03 I finished my ticket last month and will be getting my beads in two weeks! Too bad the job doesn't end when you "finish" the ticket! It's just beginning! And watch out for your kids! My son told me "good for you" then asked when I'd be getting my fourth bead! (Any woman course diretors out there?) I think I taught him too well in service to others! BTW, Owl 62, just to a search on owls and you'll come up with lots of merchandise to choose from!
  19. Okay, I guess in that way, they has made an ammendment to their policies. But by your own reference of a Resolution posted to BSA, states it pretty clearly to me. And they even use a term I've always been careful NOT to say in terms of staying neutural for the general body - "faith-based." I suppose if you choose not to raise your children with that same faith base, why join? According to the resolution attached above, BSA is providing "faith-based values to its constituency in a respectful manner.. And that "conduct of both Scouts and Scouters must be in compliance with the Scout Oat
  20. RAF, Pardon my simplicity, but have you talked with "Bobby's" Parents? They work with him every day and should know his nuiances and how to deal with them. It seems like every case is different, but the kids I've worked with in school and scouts all have their "querky" habits. (And they don't have to have "a label" to be that way!) You don't have to coddle them and "do it their way" all the time, they do understand the rules and what's expected. They just may not follow through like expected all the time. It also seems like this is a good lesson for the other boys to learn how
  21. What are the policies "regarding homosexuals" or any other specified agendas? I understood that BSA has "Core Values" that we all agreed to when signing your registration form. And if we don't agree to live out or follow those values while in Scouting, we have the choice to find another group to belong to. As far as I klnow, they do not single out specific groups or people. If there is, show me in the BSA Policy, I may have to reconsider my membership. But I sure don't see it. It still puzzles me why, if not in agreement with a groups principals, someone would want to join anyway? A
  22. Funny, NJ Cub Scouter, you stated amoung other things "...Again, freedom, it's a great thing. What some people don't seem to understand, however, is that freedom isn't only for them and people who agree with them, it's for everybody. Even me. " Shouldn't the Scouting program also have that "freedom" in providing a program for our youth based on the BS principals and policies of the oraganization? And those policies and requirements are not held in secret, each one of yes knew what we were signing up for and agreeing to as we signed the registration form. That's why we chose BSA to belon
  23. Don't think it fixed anything but I had a Boy Scout in our troop make a dozen duct tape Roses not too long ago! Pretty cool!
  24. I did a watered down version at Cub Scout Camp and man did they love it! I took the idea of Geocashing/letterboxing but built in ways to use the scout skills to find them or "do" something with them once found. It was a smash hit. I let the adults know where to go if they wanted the kids to do it for real. I heard some of them followed through. Don't know if is would classify as "High Adventure" but sometimes it feels like it! And there are some Geocashes hidden on trails and such!
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