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  1. Thanks. Soem I found some I didn't, this will help be get started.
  2. Of course it can! Like in any new pack or troop, it just take sa bit of work to get it going. The DE in our District has started up two new packs that are latino. They are struggling because they are so new but I think the kids are sure getting alot out of it. Johnsned, I understand about economics. There are a few units in our district that struggles with that too because they are in depressed areas. I don't know the area your from, but sometimes businesses will offer discount for Scouts or even sponsor a troop. One year, we happened across an outdoor company that was phasing out a
  3. While Bob58 is trying so hard to show you a picture. We just took a basic "log" about 2.5 - 3 ft long. We drilled 13 holes on the "top" lengthwise for inserting 12 red small candles with one white tall candle in the middle. And it just rests on a table or the floor. For a ceremony, it can always change for the occasion. But one they will do is kind of cool, might be standard, but cool. What the troop does is that the SM will light the middle candle and state that this is the light of Scouting and that we all have that light within us to do good for others, etc. Depending on th
  4. Yippie for you! I get mine this April too! But watch out for your kids! My son told me "good for you and congradulations" then asked when I'm going to get my fourth bead!............Any women course directors out there?!?!? W1-609-03 I used to be a fox...........
  5. Your Troop Guide is there to help you focus on this. But start by focusing on your current job in scouting. What are your job duties and where do you wish to improve them? It was stressed to us NOT to take on NEW things but to focus on our current "jobs" in scouting and work within those perameters. Another important thing is write your ticket so that you are not depending on others(like approvals, work, etc) to get things done. For instance, don't say "I will have 20 boy scouts attend a XXX training," but say "I will hold a XXX training for the scouts." That way if only 2 scouts s
  6. It's not that Gary Locke loses voters by picking sides of an issue, it's just that he never picks a side of the issue! He's very wishy-washy in his "decision" making. It depends on what group he's talking to at the time. I could tell you stories of what he's done in our state, but that would bore you! But it doesn't have anything to do with his scout training or christian upbringing. There are no scandals at his seat that I know of. He's a good governor and family man in that regard. And I know he'd love to set his sites on DC but he could never be president (wasn't born in US).
  7. In our troop, while the boy troop guides, SPL, and other scouts help with the training of the boys, it's the ASM's and SM that sign off the book. And yes, there also is a "check" that goes with that. As Advancement Chair, I also can sign off the book when needed.
  8. Has anyone set up a training for the boys for "Life to Eagle?" I'm working on setting something up for our troop boys and newly ranked star and life boys. But if someone has something I can springbaord from, it would help me out alot. Thanks!
  9. Oops, wrong Director, I meant Steven Speilburg. And sorry NW Scouter, I should hae kept reading down, you already answered the question!
  10. I had read that George was honoring his father by making Indy the same BS Rank as his "Dad."
  11. I'm really sorry now I asked the question. I really was just searching for some honest answers that I thought I could find here. I guess I can't, I'll just stick to the "yes, Ma'm" and "Yes, Sir" responses. You know, if we start turning on each other, I can see why the public is starting to have a questionable opinion about scouting. What happened to the Scout Oath and Scout Law that we say we uphold? Sometimes the best way to show the good in something is to just "live it." (Hey, maybe there's the answer I'm looking for too!) Come on now, group hug!
  12. I've gotten just about all the parents to sign up as MBC in the troop. I work really hard to have them sign up for the district but I can't force them to if they don't want to. But I do get some that are willing. Personally, I think it's admirable enough to step forward for the 40 boys of our troop. Although it may be a minimum time, it is time away from what they already are committed to.
  13. BTW NJCubScouter; Gary Locke is that way with all the issues, he whimps out on every issue he thinks he'll lose supporters. But I'm not going to get into that here.I don't really care for him much, can't wait until he moves out!
  14. I admit I have a pretty naive point of veiw on all of this. I meant no disrespect, I was just asking the question. I've usually just said "thanks anyway" and moved on. I was simply looking for a more intellegent way to respond given the circumstances again. It wasn't meant to stir up anger. Sorry I asked an innocent question... I grew up as a white female christian and raised to love and be accepting of all people. I don't dislike Gay people, I may not agree with their choice but I don't dislike the people. From my Christian point of veiw, God has no degree of sin, we are all sinne
  15. Pardon my ignorance but atheists have a religion? I thought to be an atheist, they don't believe in anything other than themselves. When agreeing to be in scouting, you agree to pay reverence to your higher being, whatever that may be, whatever relious background you may have. One wouldn't join the Black Panthers (or some such organization)as a white person and expect the whole organization to change for it, would you? So why do people do that with Scouting? Ah, too early in the morning to be thinking smartly!
  16. Current list for congress and scouting; The Congress and Scouting For the past 17 Congresses, the Boy Scouts of America has surveyed the members of the House and Senate regarding their participation in Scouting. The Marketing & Communications Division compiled the following information concerning the 108th Congress. More than 50 percent of congressional members participated in Scouting. Summary Breakdown of the 108th Congress Scouting Survey Senators Representatives Total Scout 53 163 216 Scout and leader 10 29
  17. Thought you'd find this interesting, do you know of others? Famous Eagle Scouts Bill Alexander - US Rep from Arkansas Gary L. Anderson - US Rep from NY Neil Armstrong - astronaut, first man on moon, from Wapakoneta, OH Charles E. Bennett - US Rep from Florida William Bennett - former Secretary of Education Bill Bradley - Pro basketball star and US Senator from NJ James Brady - press sec to Pres. Reagan Milton A. Caniff - comic strip artist "Steve Canyon" John W. Creighton, Jr. - President & CEO of Weyerhaeuser Company William E. Dannemeyer - US Rep from
  18. My State's current Governor was a Boy Scout and Eagle. The following link is his commentary about his experiences with scouting. Check it out: http://www.governor.wa.gov/speeches/speech-view.asp?SpeechSeq=111
  19. Sorry I guess I should have said more. This was off a website that people give stuff away (recycle) to keep the landfills clear. An Adult, unassociated with scouting, posted an offer of a backpack. And when I wrote to say I wanted it for my three boys in scouting, he sent the above reply. I told him that I was sorry he felt that way but if he reseached the facts instead of trusting the press, he could see that Scouting is not that way. That sex and sexual orientation has nothing to do with scouts and if I, as a woman leader, put on a bikini and flirted with the boy scouts at summer ca
  20. Say, I found someone on the internet that was giving away a backpack. So I wrote to say that I had three boys in scouting that could use the pack. He wrote back to say that "Sorry Shell but I can't in good faith give it to someone who is involved in an organization, no matter how worthy they are such as the Boy Scouts that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and religious beliefs." I've had this a few times and one of my boys faced this last fall. I'm just curious, what do you say in cases like this? I already answered him back, but I was just curious what you would sa
  21. I did the mistake of reading this post while on a break here at work. Someone will really questions why I'm teary eyed if they walk into my office just now. All I can say is yes, it is very sad that a 16 year old was called home so soon. But it just goes to show you that whatever time we take for the "small things" is all the more worth it. I'm sure that boy had a better life on earth because someone like you took the time to expand his horizons. And for whatever purpose God had him serving here on earth, I'm sure God used you as an instrument as well. Don't take it for granted
  22. Then I misread the post, Blaze. Sometimes I just read things too fast! It's true that it's hard to get people to "step up," but what I've done minimizes that. When I was involved with the pack, I'd pass around a "talent sheet" for the parents to fill out. IF they didn't fill it out, I"d askt he questions and fill in out myself. Then I'd find a job for them, big or small, whatever I felt they'd enjoy doing. And when you go to them personally with a SPECIFIC job in mind, they rarely said no. Sometimes they'd start with "small" jobs and learn that they were capable with so much m
  23. I moved my own boys around in 4 different packs looking for what fit our needs. Then I have the boys in a troop. I also do alot of District level things some of which is dealing with all the packs with daycamp and dealing with all the troops in our district for camporee, Jumboree, and helping out at district level recharter, among other things. Guess I've been lucky to have found several if not all of the packs and troops I deal with to be doing their jobs right. No one I know of in our district is phonying up people to fill positions. They may be stepping up to the plate with a sheph
  24. Our webmaster is careful with contact info as well. But it is listed where and when the troop meetings are. And for contact there's a couple email addresses listed. Good point though......
  25. Our troop is still working on improving their site. But as far as types of info on it. I can share what my troop boys and parents like to see. I'm the advancment chair of the troop, and I've posted things for the boys like: where to go to find service projects, a Life to Eagle guideline, Tenderfoot guideline how to advance the next three ranks Merit Badges and Councelors available within the troop and outside What a BOR is like and "how to be ready" For the adults, I have guidelines for; How to conduct a BOR and what's expected Sign up for MB Counseling How to
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