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  1. When you say Scout Base UK do you mean Baden Powell House in London? I mention it because ScoutBase Uk is the official Scout Association resources site in the UK. www.scoutbase.org.uk Gillwell been several times, nice site convenient for sightseeing trips and only a short walk from being able to stand in the Greenwich Meridian line.
  2. "Do you know if the youth members had any input as to the design?" Yes, there was quite a lot of consultation about it as the SA wanted to go for style of uniform that the young people where, in general, happy to wear. Four years ago at the ESsex Jamboree we had a parade of the possible options and it created quite a bit of interest on site! "is essex near wessex?" No. Wessex is an old name - not actually a county any more- but still used to describe the area of south-west england around dorset, somerset, bath, dorchester etc. Essex is to the north east of london, parts of essex are the L
  3. "Have the Brits finally learned to drink coffee?" - You bet! Need something to keep us awake when were using this internet thing Guess the time difference make my replies to your posts seem a little "delayed" but I'll try whenever possible to get back to you quickly. By the way, does Scouter.com cover the whole of the US or just a region? I see there's a few differnt states represented in the member listings.
  4. "Are the people on your site , in the UK, adult ,kids?" - Take it you mean the Jamboree? If so then we have over 20 countries represented this time (we hold Jamborees every 4 years). Numbers travelling from overseas are down due to world situations etc. but from around the UK numbers are up. Over 5200 young people from 10 to 18 years old, Scouts,Explorer Scouts, Guides and Ranger Guides as well. If we count leaders (who are just as important to us!) we will have over 6000 participants plus about 600 staff! It's the biggest scouting event in the UK this year! Re Explorer to Venture - Good
  5. "How did the change from Venture Scouts to Explorers go?" - Explorers has really taken off well. It is basically a district unit but Explorer Scouts can join as many Groups or specialist team as they want e,g Abseiling team, campsite service teams etc. Also we now have "Network" ages 18 to 25, county based and similar to Ventures but self running. They have advisors rather than leaders and can join in with networks anywhere in the country - ideal for the ages when they go to college or university. Network a bit shakey IMHO "Balanced Programme" - This has also been a good thing. It is ea
  6. Hi everyone. I've just joined the forum so thought I'd say hello from Essex, England. Things are looking good for Scouting in England, lots of changes in the last 2 years. Are you making changes to you system as well? Phil
  7. Nice to be here. As you mention Eamonn, there have been lts of changes in Scouting here. Probably best to post in the "Open Discussion" forum on that subject. By the way I'm a moderator on our own forum system, feel free to join us at: www.essexscouts.org.uk/forums. Best wishes Phil
  8. No it's not on the same site. The Essex International jamboree is on a farm site of 150 acres near the village of Kirby-le-Soken. Follow this link to see where we will be. www.multimap.com/map/browse.cgi?lat=51.8559&lon=1.2338&scale=25000 Eurojam is at Hylands Park near Chelmsford also in Essex. this is a large country park and is also the venue for the 2007 World Jamboree. Eurojam is being seen as a good way to prepare for the much bigger set up required for the World Jamboree. Web links: www.eurojam.org www.scouting2007.org Phil(This message has been edited by Phil
  9. Hi All I'm on the staff team at this years Essex International Jamboree here in sunny (and sometimes rainy!) England and was wondering if any of you are coming over to see us this time? You can check us out at www.essexscouts.org.uk/jamboree I'll check this topic to see if there are any replies, in the mean time happy Scouting to you all. Phil Unwin Essex International Jamboree Team
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