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  1. With the new school year, some active parents won't be as available as their scouts are going to high school. What does your troop's CC do to organize/increase parent involvement?
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    Hello all, I've checked out the forums for a while now, but this is my first post. I'm an Eagle scout and have stayed with the troop as ASM for about 4 years now. I mostly help guide the PLC and oversee troop meetings. Thanks for making this a great site for sharing advice and learning about new opportunities.
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    I've been with my troop for 3 years since earning Eagle. I help with the meeting, events, and the PLC. Our SPL, ASPL, and Scribe are the oldest members of the troop and are in high school. We missed out on a few recruiting classes years ago so we have several young scouts. Our meetings are scout run and the older scouts will age out next year. We appoint the PLC members and their term ends in a few months. I don't know when to move the younger motivated scouts into positions. There's a group of 7/8th graders that are almost ready. Should the 3 older scouts stay in senior positions? Just keep the SPL or move a combination of them to guide/instructor? I appreciate any advice. Thanks!