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  1. The girls who showed up to camporee joined two years prior and did cub scouting. After crossing over another boy troop in the district did joint events and taught the girls skills. My sons troop practices scout skills every meeting which is taught by multiple ASM's. They haven't taken home the district trophy since my son has joined. When I was a youth sea scout we were invited to a camporee event. Our ship in attendance was two girls and two guys. We won overall. I would say mostly because my father who was our skipper had been a boy scout and I myself had been a boy scout. Camporee i
  2. I had a girl troop last weekend at the camporee I was a planner for. They were full uniformed, excellent attitudes and were within the top three scores on every event. They also knocked it out of the park on the other optional point items and took home top troop of the district for the event. Definitely a big thumbs up from me on girls in scouting.
  3. My Eagle scout son and I were walking out of the local big box home repair store and stopped to buy some cookies. As we were purchasing my son asked the girls if any of them were going to give up selling cookies and join Boy Scouts. He has no issues with girls in scouting but I think the mom's there were not happy with the way he asked his question.
  4. I have been handling this as its been happening. Currently we have a survey out to see what each district wants to do. I have heard from one. Waiting to hear from the other. I am one of those crazy scouters that handles communications and what not all day everyday.
  5. I have been curious as to when OA will have to stop wearing all and any Native american clothing and use of artifacts real or implied. So to recap we had a planning meeting that was extremely productive last week. This morning an email was sent out by a WB person stating he has issues with some of the planning. This person now wants to have a meeting to address those issues yet has not attended any of the previous 3 or 4 planning meetings. Good times!!
  6. Thanks I will inform all of the folks on my planning committee.
  7. We have archery, tomahawk and atl atl at our camporee. Getting to shoot things and throw sharp blades at items probably keeps the youth happy. After reviewing the guide we cover the list they have.
  8. We dont have a theme and each patrol is given an order of events so that it evenly spreads everyone out. There is no time limit nor do you have to participate. I need to go back and copy that YPT information down so I can put it in the leaders guide. As a youth I enjoyed camporee be cause I got a patch.
  9. I cannot imagine a movie on the evening of arrival to camporee. We just have arrival, set up of camp, SPL meeting about tomorrows events. Scouter meeting about areas that need a little help and that is it. OA runs a Brotherhood event but they handle that and its optional. We run around 8 events and from what I have witnessed many patrols are completed late afternoon and kids are being kids. Sure the younger scouts take a bit longer due to their skill level. My only wish is that scouting would stop starting at 6 am. When my family camps we get up around 8 or 8:30.
  10. Our planning committee is 4 folks. Me, another seasoned scouter and the two district DE's. We have it pretty streamlined and so far everyone has been happy. Simple guidelines: If you are an attending unit you come up with an event, run it score it and create a trophy for the winner. We have about 4-6 youth that are staff and they do what we ask. When we had a large planning committee it was a huge pain.
  11. I mean I dont need the "experts" who walk up tell you how you are doing it wrong then walk off without being helpful. Seriously I have had responses of "I dont know, I just know what your doing is wrong or will not work" Not being helpful is my issue. Lets Apollo 13 this sucker. Tell me what we have that is working and how to make it better. Dont be the negative nellie.
  12. Well the Ranger on the property we use dictates where he wants unit placement. This is my 3rd camporee to plan and its been in the same place. No returned surveys have indicated unhappiness at being close quartered. We usually spread the large units out and slip the smaller ones in between.
  13. Hmm Unfortunately that is how ours is set up due to small camping property. When I was in a larger council with bigger properties the units were spread out and didnt have view of each other. Ahh the wooden toggle experts. I dont trust them either and they bring out my unscoutlike demeanor. Many I have dealt with are not there to help just to point out flaws. If you are not here to help you can pack up your tent and leave. I dont need "experts"
  14. Ok so what is wrong with Camporees?
  15. Greetings, I am on the planning committee for a Bi-district camporee for 2019. So with new all girl units a possibility what are the camping rules for that? Specifically locations of units on the property? I can not find anything in G2SS. The property we use has one long gravel road that the units camp off of in long line. So do the female units just be in that same line among the boy units?
  16. My breaking point is when the fun leaves. Currently the fun has left for me.
  17. Girls are already involved in Boy Scouts. My son has been to summer camp 4 times and has a number of Venturing girls teach his merit badges. Is there still a camp somewhere that has no girls on the property?
  18. My wife did this to my sons Ordeal and Brotherhood sashes. Looks fine and you can't see any difference other than his sash doesn't hang to his knees.
  19. I saw this posted on a friends timeline this morning on FB. I am still surprised at how many people are still commenting about how they will pull their funds and kids out of scouting. My only question to them is When? I wish those folks would just hurry up and leave so we can get organized and move forward. In a story on ABC GSA was quoted as saying that they would now add badges and program changes to help in the retention of girls in their program. Should have done that sooner huh?
  20. Yet no one asked the GS director why some girls were wanting to join BSA. Or why their product may be deficient leading girls to want to join BSA
  21. Asked my son and he says he doesn't care about girls in scouting. The only thing he complains about is youth who use filthy language and having to get up so early for scouting events. I myself will just adapt to what comes. Cheers!
  22. So you will resign he Boy Scout program if they add girls but stay with the program that has girls? No offense but I cannot follow your logic.
  23. Here is a link to the 1982 electrocution story recap: http://www.kltv.com/story/36082251/dead-on-lake-o-the-pines-this-was-not-the-first-time
  24. I have been on lakes with a heavy sailboat presence and there are buoys in the water noting dangers of power lines above. I have also seen the typical red balls along the wires as well. That google earth view I didn't see either. I also didn't see a large sailboat presence on that lake. I dont know what laws are in place about noting the power lines. Obviously around airports the large red warning balls are along the wires are pretty standard. Maybe they dont have to note that if there is a low expectation of sailboat use on a lake?
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