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  1. Ken makes the point that I keep reminding myself about: "As I age, my Scouting game becomes more and more about the boys than about me. " When I think about putting anything on my uniform, I ask myself that question. Is it for me or for the boys? Generally, I think the scouts understand what the eagle knot looks like so I don't personally see a need for the rank badge. For those making the transition from Scout to Scouter, I think this kind of issue helps reinforce that being a Scouter is about the boys we serve, not about us personally.
  2. Just curious - what does a boy get for $220? The list you provided seems like it should come in at much, much less than that.
  3. Like others, I doubt this will be an issues later on. When I was a Cub & later Boy Scout, I have almost no memory of religion coming into my Scouting youth career. In Cubs, the only place religion ever entered was when my parents & I chose to earn a religious award. There was never any other mention of religion I can think of. When I was a Boy Scout, the only place religion ever came in is when I attended Scout Sunday to show support for my CO. That attendance was optional. My recommendation, shop around for both a pack and a troop that fits your needs. I'd be very h
  4. Looking at it general leadership perspective. If you did something like that you'd be essentially asking that Scout to take on the responsibility of being SPL, but without the authority of being SPL. I think that it could actually make it harder for him. How does he resolve issues when a decision is required? Is he empowered to make the decision, does he need the approval of someone else? If he can't make the decision, do the others respect him in the role? I guessing the issue you're trying to avoid is putting someone chronologically "junior" in a leadership position over som
  5. Sure, there's the national political bias against the BSA. I just think we live in a time where there is a segment of our population that doesn't like institutions such as the BSA, organized religion, the military, etc... Personally I think it's got something to do with folks who grew up in the 60s and 70s being in charge today. A lot of those people in turn passed their feelings along to their kids. At the local level, I can't say I see a lot of discrimination against the BSA. Generally everyone I meet is pretty OK with the BSA. Sure there have been some policy decisions that affect
  6. I'd say it depends on how close they were to earning it. If it's one requirement, there's always room to tell the boys and their parents you "assume" it will be completed by the next pack meeting. No one says you need to check up that closely. However, if it were more than that... This year I watched our Tiger den work pretty hard to get those badges done. Like many, we had to push the last month to get those last Go See Its in. I'm guessing that the majority of your den has worked similarly hard. I'd be concerned about the message you send to the boys and parents. i.e., I know
  7. Our B&G is a potluck dinner in our CO's (a local church) fellowship hall. Once the meeting starts, people go through the serving line. Then, the program starts. The program is very similar to a normal pack meeting. - general announcements - a few Dens do a cheer, skit, or song - every den then awards their rank badges. (Seems that about 80% of the boys receive their rank badges at the B&G.) - meeting concludes It's a large pack, so even this program lasts anywhere from 60-90 minutes. One thing I noticed this year (but don't remember from years past) - it seeme
  8. Like WestCoastScouter, I double over the poly-string (or whatever it's called) so that there are two ends of the sting going through each bead. Then at the bottom, I tied a knot and pulled it very tight. That's done the trick - no beads have fallen off yet from my sons of any of the other boys in the den.
  9. That's great - thanks for the info!
  10. Is it OK for an adult to wear the medals he earned as a youth? Mine was the Parvuli Dei and I had just assumed that I shouldn't wear it. I'm thinking my initial instinct was incorrect.
  11. I remember when I was a scout, I initially had no problem wearing the uniform to scout events. The only time it ever bothered me was the few times I had to wear to school. Then, there was just this fear I'd get laughed at (and I did somewhat for that matter). There is no amount of changing the uniform that will ever prevent that feeling. When I was a boy, I could have worn a Marine uniform and I still would have been embarrassed. As I got older, I eventually became dis-enchanted by scouts. Once I was, the uniform simply became an excuse. I'd fight wearing it, I'd show up to meeting
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