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  1. The idea of silver above gold does go back to the armed forces. Captain(two bars of silver) was much less expensive then that of First Lieutenant (one bar of gold).
  2. We as a troop have two awards. One is the Good Turn award, awarded to a scout who does the best good turn during the year. This award is based on secret nomination and is given a gold coin from the scoutstore with the slogan on it. The other is Honor camper, awarded to the Scout who has lived the scout oath and law on campouts(being prepared, being helpful, ect). It is voted on by the whole troop. They are awarded a Boy Scout Fieldbook.
  3. Sorry, started a new post befre seeing this one. Green Bar Bill is only mentioned once, as the official biographer of BadenPowell, in the new book Scout Stuff by Robert Birkby and published by DK.
  4. Sorry, started a new post befre seeing this one. Green Bar Bill is only mentioned once, as the official biographer of BadenPowell, in the new book Scout Stuff by Robert Birkby and published by DK.
  5. First Pluto is down graded to dwarf planet, now Green Bar Bill is being rewritten to the minor league of Scouting. Even the new book by DK, "Scout Stuff" only mentions him briefly as the official biographer of Baden Powell. Whats going on in this world.
  6. Shouldnt national follow the Scout Law and find a way to only send 1 copy of Scouting per household. Just have a box to check on new adult apps. With mysels as SM, my wife as a MC and now my son as ASM would this save some money? Have other familys in my troop recieving 4 copies. (yes, I donate the extra copies to the hospital were I work)
  7. Committee: Committee Chair Asst. Committee Chair Tresurer BOR Chairman Eagle Advisor Adult training Coordinator Transportation "Fellowship" 4 others without title(1 of which serves also as unit commish.) Direct Contact: Scoutmaster 1st Asst SM 2nd Asst ASM ASM Logistics/ QM 4 ASM Program numerous ASMs reserve(usally 18-21 year of Eagle Scouts who returm 2-3 times a year)
  8. 29 on paper. 90% are active with another 5% being every other week scouts. no size limit, although this year we had to change meeting locations to fit the troop.
  9. Keep pushing back Cricket. Without my pushback, my scout would have never played football on a campout. The training committee in my district was teaching that football was not in the realm of Safe scouting, because it says it in the guide. No so. What it says is no team football.
  10. I agree with Mike F. "If it were up to me, I would place the most emphasis within the camp program on helping guys learn some fundamental skills so they are prepared to be more functional within their patrol. Cooking, sharpening a knife/ax/saw, building fires (first under optimal conditions, then with wet wood), knots and whipping, some basic first aid, some map/compass/hiking. Again, the emphasis isn't on racing through advancement requirements, it's helping the guys develop the basic skills they need to enjoy being in the outdoors." One of the things I felt would be great is if
  11. I try to remind the Scouts that the Scout Law says "A Scout Is", not A Scout is only when in uniform or a Scout is sometimes when he feels like like it. A say this often and like most things we teach hope it hits home.
  12. Now we need them to make an Eagle Scout neckachief in large size.
  13. At scout camp each year on thursday evening the troop gathers around the campfire. We start with the newest scouts and ask what they like about camp and what is important to them in camp. We also then ask what they dont like. This gives the camping committee member and the PLC some bacics to choose next years summer camp experience.
  14. One week to go. Tuscarora Scout Reservation with 12 boys. % older boys on trek to the Lake Placid Trail in upstate NY.
  15. Maybe I should repost this differently. In my opinion the uniform guidelines should be changed to allow those who have earned the rank of Eagle Scout the option to wear the oval rank patch. It still is my opinion that outsiders who see the rank understand it and do not understand the knot.
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