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  1. Does anyone have a picture of the Northern Tier Brand you can post, or give a detailed description? My son was there in June on a short trek and wasn't able to get anything branded. He has been etching his eagle mug with a dremel with the camps he didn't get to use the brand. Thanks for your help.
  2. I'm just now getting back to this thread. There's a lot of good input. And, I now realize I should have used those opportunities to not interact with that scout further and discuss his "rude" comments. The one that really sticks out to me is that I asked what his favorite subject is in school. His reply was Spanish, so I asked can you say something in Spanish? His reply was the donkey knows more than you. I did tell him at the time that was not nice to say, but I didn't take it any further. The second comment was when an ASM asked him to tie a square knot and the ASM told him he didn't do it q
  3. I've been told that the BOR's are basically a rubber stamp and that the scoutmaster has already determined if the scout can advance during the scoutmaster conference. Is there policy in place that contradicts this? I've sat in a few BOR's and there's this one kid that I would have liked to not advance because he had a rude comment in both boards that I sat in on. And, my husband recently sat in two boards that the scout still had an old advancment patch, for example, they were going for 2nd class, but still had the scout patch on. What are your thoughts?
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