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  1. robb100

    Talk to me about Tiger Cubs

    I havent' read all of the replies but I see you are going to register as the Tiger DL. That's great! I was my son's Tiger DL because I was the last one to avert my eyes from the then CM when he asked for a volunteer. My son was so happy. I have been the CM for the last 2 years starting my 3rd. They Tiger DL was the best year for me as a leader. I really got to know the boys and their families and to see how they have changed is remarkable. They will be Webelos this year and we have retained 7 of the 10. My best DLs all were Tiger DLs. I think it is best to learn the program from the beginning with the rest of the Tiger parents. They will know that you are new to CS just like them. Most will be eager to help. I always started my Tiger den meetings off with a quick, silly game. I suggest you do the same. After 2-3 months when you start hearing the boys say they look forwad to cub scout night or when you announce that there will be not meeting the next week and they all have sad faces, you will know you are doing the right thing. Good Luck!
  2. robb100

    Scouts Own for Cub Scout Campouts?

    My pack always has a scout's own service on Sunday mornings of pack overnighters. I usually arrange for a parent to lead it. Most of us attend church every Sunday so nearly everyone expects it and participates. I try to have it done early Sunday morning before people want to start bugging out. We will usually sing a song or two and the parent will read a passage and discuss. It lasts about 15 to 20 minutes.
  3. robb100

    2 questions about rising cub ceremony

    I am NOT going to award any rank badges to those who have not completed the requirements. They have until June 1 to complete the requirements. I was just wondering if I should include them in the graduation type ceremony. My plan was to do so, but I thought I would see what people on here thought.
  4. robb100

    2 questions about rising cub ceremony

    Fehler, yes they have been working hard but they have not completed all of the requirements for the badge, so I can't award the badge to them. Since they are not getting their rank badge (Tiger) should I include him and in the rising ceremony and give him a wolf neckerchief? I suppose if I were doing this ceremony at the beginning of next year I would, so I'm inclined to do so now.
  5. Last year I did the Story of Cub Scout Colors ceremony at the end of the year to promote the cubs to their new level. This is where Akela sends 3 braves out to gather the sky, sun and earth and they bring back colored bottles of water (blue, yellow and orange). The water is poured onto dry ice in a pot and it smokes and puts on a good show. I did the story pulled out the new neckerchiefs for the rising cubs. Everyone loved it and some have asked if I am going to do it again this year. My first question is does anyone have a similar ceremony with dry ice I can use? It seems they want to see the dry ice again. Next, I have a 2 cubs and 1 Webelos that joined in January. The Webelos scout has completed everything to earn his Webelos badge. The other 2 (1 tiger and 1 bear) have not copmleted the rank requirements and will not be awarded their badges. So my second question is do I include them in the rising cub ceremony and present them with the neckerchiefs their next rank? If I don't, how should I explain to them why they are not getting it? Thanks rob
  6. robb100

    Ordering belt loops

    My pack uses Scouttrack.com to keep track of advancements and awards. Cost is $80 annually and it is worth it. All parents and leaders get login ids. Parents can input completed requirements for rank advancement and beltloops and pins. Leaders input all work done during den and pack activities. Our advancement coordinator runs a report a few days before the pack meeting, sends me a shopping list and I go purchase the items. Sometimes parents tell me that they are working on a beltloop and will complete it by the time of the pack meeting. If it is not on the report I will go ahead and buy it. No big deal. I know the cost of advancement software may be prohibitive for some packs but I really think it is necessary. The one I mentioned above also allows parents to email all leaders and all leaders to email all parents.
  7. robb100

    Activities survey ideas?

    I use a written and printed survey at the last pack meeting. Name is optional. I ask if the pack met their scouting needs, what they liked and didn't like, which camp outs they attended and why they missed the others. I ask for suggestions for next year, where they would like to camp and other activities. I usually get 80 to 90% back.
  8. robb100

    Camping, How Often?

    Basementdweller, no burnout so far. Scouts and parents are already asking where we are camping next year. The only locations we repeat are the council and district events. We will probably venture outside state lines next year and go to Georgia. Last year we went to Charleston SC and stayed on the USS Yorktown and may do it again next year. Winter camping is much better in north Florida. We did have one camp out in the 20's but it usually in the 40's and 50's during the winter here. Summer way too hot and humid.
  9. robb100

    Camping, How Often?

    I'm the CM for my pack and we camp in Sept, Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr and May. We take in at least one district or council event, maybe two. These are our least attended. Two weeks ago we drove 4 hours to camp and we had one of our best turn outs. About 75% participation. My pack loves to camp and they really want to get out and explore. We even earned our freezing weather patch this year in January. 24 degrees in Florida. The kids loved it and were up early checking the thermometer. On the Monday following the camp out I went and bought the patches ans awarded to them that night at the den mtgs.
  10. robb100

    Neckerchief slide for pack leaders?

    I'm a CM and I love making slides. I will wear one for a meeting or two or to a camp out and then award it to a scout who has stood out. Our scouts love earning and wearing them.
  11. robb100

    What summer activities do you have planned?

    Scoutfish, sounds like your pack swims. Do you have certified swim safety leaders? I used to have 2 but now have only one. Do you swim test all your youth?
  12. Just wondering what other packs are planning for summer activities? I am planning my 3rd summer fishing rodeo for my pack and a bike ride. I'm trying to think of something else. Last year we did a beach hike and looked for sharks teeth and fossils, the fishing rodeo and another day hike. Was also wondering what kind of attendance other packs get in the summmer. Our fishing rodeo is our biggest draw with about 50%. The other activities draw 30-40%. Thanks
  13. robb100

    When do your Webelos cross over?

    I would never tell the SM to change his program or how to run it. He has been involved in scouting way longer than I have. I was told by the SM that the troop and pack used to share meeting space. The pack would meet from 630-730pm then the troop would meet afterwards. Ever since I have been involved with the pack we have had separate meeting space and the pack still meets at 630pm and the troop meets at 730pm. The troop typically finishes around 9pm. In my next meeting with the SM I was just going to bring this up to fully understand their meeting time so I and my WDL can explain to the many parents who ask us. Then I would ask about if they ever consider meeting earlier.
  14. robb100

    Find me an exception please!

    Eagle732, would that be any different than dad and his unmarried girlfriend? I doubt that would be the first time the pack realized he was gay? Def not the first time for the scout. I expect all my adults to behave properly. No alchohol, no smoking, no profanity and def no sexual activtity. It would be weird and def get many stares, but if they behave like adults, so be it.
  15. robb100

    When do your Webelos cross over?

    All great replies. Thanks so much. This years W2 group did a couple of outings with the troop but no overnighters. I think that may be a problem. This years W2 leader had 2 boys in the troop already and this 3rd crossed over. He is doing fine. The others are the ones having problems adjusting. I will take some of the advice given and have next years W2s do more with the troop. I'm sure the SM will be agreeable to this. Should I also have the W1s do things with the troop or just the W2s?