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  1. All excellent points were brought up. Yes I'm a den leader but due to other issues for another day and time, I've been a part of the committee for a couple years. I always claimed I would never get on the committee and here I sit...but I also assist my son't Den Leader. Let's see, we sent money to the new pack as an olive branch of sorts. To down play any idea that anyone thinks we are competing in any way. Our pack isn't competing for boys...we want everyone to find a pack where they feel most comfortable. I got in the middle of this issue by attending committee meetings, taki
  2. I'm rather burned out on the entire situation and really just want to focus on making sure the guys in our den enjoy and remain with scouting. We do manage to have alot of fun in our den. Did leadership know about the violent background...good question. If they didn't, they soon will. And if he continues to be a leader, I'll continue to be even more inspired to make our pack and troop better and better. Communication is what the uppers are stressing. I really have no patience for the two who have been the focus of this issues. No I don't want to improve communication with them a
  3. Maybe all these replies are giving me some much needed energy and refocus. In the long run, these minor issues do not matter but right now are causing a bad feeling in a smaller town. So hopefully we'll be able to repair and move on with some extra guidance from up the ranks. re: DV convictions. Not rumor. Public records are accessible. It gives me and everyone pause prior to speaking with this leader as it indicates a lack of control in tense situations. COR sent out his own tirade recently that went out to a bunch of parents along with our committee. So a big repair needs t
  4. I've been looking through the forum to find discussion on the issue our cub scout pack committee currently faces. We had quite a bit of difficulty with one of our ex-den leaders in his behavior and cooperation as a member of the pack. Basically, he was a 'my way or the highway' type of personality. Not unusual and not impossible to deal with...if you're dealing with someone without any hidden problems. Such as a tendency toward violence. Three domestic violence convictions in his 30s (not when he was a youngster)...and the last one being a felony. But still, give the benefit of the doubt b
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