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  1. I have a quick question that I've heard two opinions on. The Female Leader shirts should be tucked in vs. they shouldn't (we know the men's should). Any idea what the official policy is on this (if any)?
  2. It's doubly painful for me, both of my boys will be going and they're coming from the west coast. Cost is $3400 each plus uniforms. They need to start selling popcorn now (our primary fundraiser). They will be visiting the Statue of Liberty, historic Philadelphia and DC before Jamboree, so they'll be busy. They are looking forward to it and it's one of those "once-in-a-lifetime" events my wife and I don't think they should miss. Especially since it's the centennial of Scouting.
  3. Two things: 1) When the committee decided last year to have Jack sit out of Troop meetings / activities for a year, Mike didn't agree (we went with majority rule) and the committee made it clear that the "suspension" was a "minimum" of a year at which time we would reassess. Mike has a strong personality and is pretty much black or white (no gray area with him), so I don't think he is willing to move on (not too Scout like I know). But then, it was his wife that Jack touched, so I might feel the same if it was my wife (though Jack says it was all innocent, so who to believe). My perso
  4. Quick situation I would like feedback from the group on: I am an ASM and we have a parent (Jack) whose son bridged to our Troop a year ago this last April (along with my younger son - my older son was already in the Troop). The parent makes some of the other parents in the troop uneasy and has really upset one parent (Mike) in particular (an ASM). Several of the parents (female) said that Jack has touched them in a manner that made them feel uncomfortable (e.g., rubbing their backs while licking his lips, lingering over a bra clasp while rubbing a perent's back, lingering a bit too long
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