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  1. So if this all goes the way the BSA says it is supposed to, my troop technically has nothing that they need to do. There will be girl only troops. Correct? So does that mean we need an influx of new leaders and committee members to start up girl only troops. Or is it going to be expected that a scout master and committee will now start supporting two troops? It's more than enough work to support one troop and fine one charter org. Can a charter org charter more than one troop? I'm just curious how it will go with many new startup troops at one time. I'd also expect that since it's supposed to
  2. I wonder if they will come up with a companion magazine called Girls Life?
  3. I can tell you I've been in scouting for 9 years, den leader, cubmaster and den leader at the same time, asst scout master and committee chair and in my troop and pack and for a couple years I was a leader in both, never once did I have a parent say that they wished their daughter could be in boy scouts. Never once. until last week and the only person who told me they thought this was a great idea was one where their son quit scouts in the 3rd grade and her daughter is currently in college. Yes I care about reaching more youth. More youth boys because boy scouts is about teaching boys. In fact
  4. Sure would be nice if cubs in 2018 meant January or June or September...Make a big difference to folks on the front lines who may already be fielding questions about when their daughter can join
  5. No pre- announcement needed, but a news announcement sent out at the same time registered leadership gets sent an announcement on exactly how this plan is going to work sure would have helped the situation greatly so there wouldn't be all this speculation.
  6. And for me personally it's really hard to want to be associated and donate my personal time and money to an organization where the leaders can't even follow the first point in their own scout law.
  7. That right there lies the issue. While this change says troops will be single gender. I absolutely 1000% believe that while that may be the case right now, I don't trust the BSA. I don't believe the BSA. It will morph into co-ed troops and call me whatever you want. I got involved in boy scouts to work with my son and boys. Period. I have no desire to work with girls. I can tell you from my standpoint. I've spoken to 4 leaders and two committee people in my troop and they all hate the decision. I also hate how the BSA lies to us leaders. Yes I was given a presentation and took a survey and wou
  8. "Just to be clear, this is NOT a decision to allow girls into Boy Scout troops. I understand that some here believe that will be the result, or the "second step", or whatever, but the fact remains that the BSA is setting up a separate, parallel program for Boy Scout-age girls, in which they can earn Eagle." and exactly how is this making scouting more accessible to families. It's still two separate troops, two separate meetings two times they have to bring their children somewhere...
  9. The more bullcrap that's spun is this is supposed to make scouting more acessible to families...So how are single gender troops or packs supposed to make it more accessible to faimilies..Parents are still going to be running to two different places at two different times for two different troop meetings or den meetings or whatever. It's no more faimily accessible then the girl whos on the girls basketball team and the boy who is on the boys basketball team..Our rec league has both teams, just beacuse the pay the same league for both kids doesn't make it any easier to get their kids to games an
  10. I'm glad my tenure is almost over. Lets spin some more lies. Just to be clear that video we watched and survey I just took last month was to be clear. It was clear in that it was a survey on whether a discussion should take place about this possibility. So it went from "should we discuss this topic" to a done deal in less than 4 weeks. They stood in front of me at our round table and said multiple times. "This is not a done deal, far from it. It to gauge interest on whether we should persue this topic".....Do they think I'm that stupid.. So when someone now sits there and says "Just to be clea
  11. This happens every season as the new scouts join up. While the Webelo and AOL year are kind of supposed to be transition years, it doesn't always work that way as they have the same den leader as they did in the past and often to continue spoon feeding the scouts and then it's culture shock at the troop when they get there. Honestly I wish there were a position for a webelo leader who just did the two webelo and aol years...But that's not feasible unless you had someone that wanted to hang around scouts and just do that.
  12. I'm interested in setting up some kind of geocaching event for my troop. My first inclination is to hide 4 or 5 geocaches in the park myself and have patrols find the caches in different order. Store envelopes in each cache, one per patrol with something specific written inside the envelope for them to record (this is so that when they return to the start I can look at what they wrote to determine that they found the cache)   Send the patrols out in different orders or at staggered times, but all covering the same amount of ground and award first place finishers, etc...  I don't know how
  13. I'm not sure this is the place to ask, but our troop has a couple bucket of mish-mosh lenghts of rope. We want to do some more lashing activity and cut some specific lengths of rope for lashing practice so I've been tasked with getting the rope and some putting together some lashing poles.. Any recommendation on what type of rope, what diameter and where to get it. Thanks
  14. Curious all you folks that don't have trailers where do you store all the equipment that that belongs to the troop. Dutch ovens, stoves, fresh water jugs, dining fly, tarps, tents, rope, lashing poles, axe, saw, shovel, etc? What do you do for washing dishes, do you not wash dishes, do you set up a wash station, if you set up a wash station, where's the tubs, the stove to boil the water, etc? For our troop it's all in the trailer and I personally don't have room to store all that stuff at my house, nor would I want to store it all. If I did then I know it would be me loading it and unloadi
  15. That's why trailers have brakes. If the entire towing industry went by your standards, nobody would ever tow anything.
  16. Our trailer is our storage unit and we bring it camping with us, we also use it to store food overnight while camping. Prior to having a trailer, it all stayed at a leaders house. Troop camping would be with 30+ scouts. Not all scouts had tents. Each patrol has their own cooking gear box. The troop has the tents, the stoves, the dutch ovens, etc. Fresh water jugs, wash basins for washing dishes, etc...Prior to the trailer it was always a couple adults having to make sure gear was loaded into someone pickup, car, whatever...Who has a car big enough to fit backpacks or coolers of food, etc. .Wi
  17. Our council gave me the answer of have them do the 5th grade level and present their findings to a boy scout patrol, leader, etc since they are no longer in cubscouts. Nobody in my troop knows anything about the cyber chip yet.
  18. It depends on the state. Here in NJ. Trailers are required to be registered and get a license plate, but they don't receive a title. a hand written bill of sale is all that's needed to transfer it from one person to another. No inspection required either.
  19. So here's my question. Brand new crossed over scouts come up to me and ask me "How do I earn the cyber chip, the book doesn't tell me how" So I looking into it and it's done online. There's a 4th-5th grade and a 6-8 chip. So the 4-5 grade chip says to do stuff and present to your den, pack, etc...But AOL scouts are 5th graders in boyscouts, not cubscouts. So do you change the requirements or have the 5th graders do the 6th grade requirements? Or do you tell them they can't have scout rank until 6th grade...IMO this is a real BSA screwup.
  20. who uses the my.scouting site. I'm a committee chair and I keep an eye on training for our troop. The my.scouting site totally sucks. Is there anywhere on the site that I can see what training courses the leaders have completed. All I can seem to find is a report when YPT was taken and expires. And another report that shows leaders are trained or what course they need to complete. But nowhere can I find out what course they have completed. Like I want to know what leaders have taken Hazardous Weather, trek safey, swim safety, etc...
  21. We have AOL and crossover at the same event and do lunch. We have dens build decorations for whatever the theme is. We also include the Webelo II scouts in some of the speaking parts of the ceremony. We award our dens their awards and before dessert we take all the boys into the gym for some game time. They also get to go into the gym before the event also. They seem to enjoy it. It our pack it's purpose is for the Webelo II's and it's just always been that way and never been an issue. Ours lasts a couple hours.
  22. One year for a christmas meeting along with doing coffee mugs where you can slide a picture into them (we colored a christmas themed paper and took a picture of the scout). We also made our own hot chocolate (I have a recipe that uses cocoa powder, cremora, sugar and something else, I can find the recipe if you like) Each scout scooped the proper amounts of each ingredient into a bowl, mixed it and filled a mason jar with it. Then we decorated the mason jar with a red ribbon and piece of green cloth and glued on felt snowflakes. Then they gave the jar and cup to someone as a chrsitmas gift. It
  23. njdrt-rdr

    Dual roles

    While in the fairy tale land of how the BSA says a pack should run, dual roles shouldn't happen. But it is what it is and I was in the same boat as you. CM was leaving. I was a den leader. I liked being the den leader. We couldn't get anyone who would take over as CM. I wound up doing it while still being heavily involved in leading my den. I did get a person to step up to be den leader. But yes between being the CM and the den leader and doing all the stuff that a CC does. I've had enough. We have a small pack and while it's fine and dandy to say your committee should be getting a new leader.
  24. I'm a cubmaster and got invited to to attend the eagle court of honor for a friends son. Do I wear my scout uniform or civilian clothes?
  25. We have a family division which is anyone in the family other than the scout. We charge $5 for the car kit that the family purchases from us. We hand out 3 trophies in the family division and it follows the same rules as the scout divisions. We run ours in stages, so it's scout round 1, family round 1, scouts round 2, family round 2(final round), then scouts final round.
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