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  1. We don't require our cubs to wear scout pants, just shirts so I haven't seen any blue uniform cubs wearing scout pants. There's only one tan shirt cub wearing any type of uniform pants and that's my kid because I found a couple pair of brand new scout pants at a rummage sale. I like the convertibles as long as it's not something where I'm sitting a long time. If I'm sitting a long time, the zipper irritates the legs. I also like them because I'm the type that will wear shorts in cold weather. So I may get to a meeting, feel it's way too hot for me in the building and just unzip into shorts.
  2. How do you folks handle repeating requirements. It seems the higher up in cubs, the more of an issue this becomes. Specifically at the Webelos level where the den leader is supposed to sign off that the scout has actually done the requirement. We had 3 of 5 kids attend a webelos woods campout and complete handyman and craftsman over the weekend. So how do the other kids get caught up and prove they did the requirement? Are we supposed to do it again as a den, are we supposed to tell the parents they are responsible to do it with the scout and how do I know that they actually did it? Same thi
  3. We have one major pack campout each year and the pack adults do all the cooking. We start the outdoor camp cooking at the weblos level and start it when we go to Webelo level events where they can operate as a small group like a boyscout patrol would do. Our first one at the end of bear year we did cereal/oatmeal one morning, pancakes/sausage the next and dutch over lasagna for dinner. I precooked the meat and they mixed it and layered it in the ovens. It was a good first start.
  4. I know the campout that was in the scouting magazine, I've been to it 4 times now. I don't know the details of how they pay the drive in, but I know it is a district event. The drive-in officially closes for business the week prior to the cub event so that at the cub event, it's only us. They don't allow cooking. The event runs from 5pm until the next morning and the snack stand is open for us and we pay a per person fee to the district for attending. I can get you in touch with the contact person at that district if that would help you, let me know. The are now running one event on Fri nig
  5. We do both. Some months, our pack activity is our meeting. Like our rocket launch is sometimes our pack meeting. We have an opening flags before launching and awards after. In December it's just a skating party. We find that if don't combine some meetings and activities, it's too much and people don't want to go. Can't have a Sunday activity, then a Tuesday pack meeting and then a Thursday den meeting for the same scout. It gets too crazy and drives people away. At least that's our experience. Not to mention the leaders who then also go to leaders meetings and roundtable meetings.
  6. Thankyou VERY MUCH for all the suggestions. I really like a lot of them. Nick
  7. Yes, they are in a horseshoe in order of level in the center of the room and parents are at tables/benches along the edges of the room, so not all parents are always facing forward. They are sitting at the kids cafeteria lunch table. The kids are sitting on the floor.
  8. Ok, at your pack meetings, how did you get everyone attention. We have about 60 scouts now. It's quite noisy and at one point towards the end of a game it was like controlled chaos. I don't want to be someone who yells all the time. The old cub master would just hold up the scout sign and stand there and wait somtimes for ever for people to notice it. But even at one point I did that last night and all the kids got quiet, but it was still noisy and I realized it was the parents making all the noise. We were going to flip the lights on and off, but the school changed the light switch and I c
  9. Our school still allows fliers, a table at back to school night, but that's a parents only night. And we can speak at back to school night. And we are a one school pack. It's hit or miss. two years ago, 13 tigers. last year, 1 tiger, this year 12 tigers and 4 wolf's. The one thing I think about the idea of having kids invite a buddy from their class doesn't help that much when it's brand new 1st graders you are trying to recruit. We are also still an odd pack, still sponsored by the PTA.
  10. Tiger induction, I've never done one. But we do bobcat ceremony with paint.
  11. first year as Cubmaster I did very similiar to you. I've sent out flyers with info and an advertised tiger roundup on a Sunday late afternoon, it happens to the be the Sunday after back to school night. I also have scouts all wear their class B uniform shirt to school on the same day. At back to school night I man a table with pictures of what we do and info and I talk to people. At the roundup myself and a few other leaders we gather up the boys, have an opening ceremony with the older scouts doing the ceremony themselves. Then we gather the boys to do an activity, this year was to draw a pic
  12. Scoutnut - the main reason I believe he wants to switch is he's not enjoying the program with the boys he's currently with and hasn't been for awhile. And the math is goofed up or misunderstoof from my response. If he stays the course in the den he's in now, he would be 10 in Sept of his Web II year. If he joined his 3rd grade class mates, We would be 11 in Sep of web II year if he goes back a level. Making him 11.5 when he crosses over. He's currently 9 years old and a web I.
  13. Turns 11 September of Web 2 year
  14. That's the thing, once they become Web II, he won't be seeing them at all other than at pack meetings. They will be in a different school than him and outside of scouts, I don't think they hang out as buddies at all. 5th grade is the start of middle school. As Web II they will camp with us at Weblo Woods because it's all Weblos. Once they cross over, he won't see them again until he hit's boyscouts. ok, I may try to sit down with him in a one on one and see if it's really what he wants to do.
  15. We don't do anything with ours, but hand them out to the kids parents. The only thing I've ever used my sons for was to prove he was a scout for the discout at the roller rink.
  16. Should the Pack treasurer should be a registered adult leader? If so, what position do you list on the applicaton? Commitee member?
  17. Thanks to all that answered a tiger question I had. I have another situation to pose a question. I have a scout that repeated 1st grade and is now in 3rd grade, but is a Weblo I scout. He's the only kid in his den that is in 3rd grade, the rest are in 4th. He was thinking of repeating Web 1 level to join a den of kids that are in his grade. Are there any issues with that? From what I can read, I don't think it's a problem if that's what he wants to do.
  18. A 1000 ...wow....if I recruited kindergarden and first grade, it might hit 50 flyers. We are a small town with 1 school and the Towns on both Sides have their own packs. As well as my church has their own pack already.
  19. Fehler, your one wolf who worked on wolf stuff at bear meetings. Who worked with him on it, IE who was his den leader. Was it his parent, or did the Bear leaders work with him?
  20. Thanks for the suggestions. We don't have an official CC It's pretty much me. But that is a while other topic. We usually discuss thing among the leaders. I will.talk about a spring recruitment. Maybe invite new scouts to our last meeting and summer activities. Just not sure asour first summer activity is a campout, not sure how prospective tiger scouts would handle that. But they could come for the day and our fishing derby,dinner and campfire.
  21. We are a one school pack and the current first grade is small. I've already tried recruiting twice with them so far. So I'm not holding out a lot of hope.
  22. We currently have a situation where we have one tiger scout. I'm the CM(new at it this scouting season) and I've taken it on myself to work him through the program to gain his tiger rank.It wasn't getting anywhere with just his parent. He has an older brother( currently a Bear) in cubscouts. So he's done some things himself and some things with the bear den where there was overlap. I'm looking at going forward. I don't know if we will get any new scouts to join as Wolf scouts next year and him being a lone wolf scout is not going to fly. His dad is not going to do the program with him by
  23. Looking to take some Web 1 scouts on their first night hike. Any tips. Planning on taking a pretty easy trail, something we've all hiked before.
  24. Ok, that part about the adult form I didn't know. Thanks. I'm curently a den leader who's going to be taking over as CM at the Blue & Gold. I'm working with the CM right now and we don't actually have an ACM. So I guess that's what I am for the first half of this year. I'm thinking I should just fill the form out as CM now.
  25. The official BSA youth and adult applications that I've seen. Do the scouts and leaders need to fill that out every year, or just the initial time they join?
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