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  1. One year at resident camp there were a couple of scouts that wouldn't stay quiet even when the SPL asked me to talk to them. An hour later he stopped outside my tent with an idea. I told him your in charge and the idea works for me. He went over and informed the scouts to quiet down or at 5:00am he and their PL will be by to wake them up so they can clean the entire latrine as well as the scout shower house. The scouts yelled at the SLP and PL for about 10 minutes, telling them they couldn't do that. The SPL and PL just left and about 1/2 hour later they were quiet. I got woken up at 5:
  2. Some years ago when my youngest was a tiger the 2 tiger den leaders decided to take the two dens to a pizza buffet restaurant for the meeting before Christmas. I was the CC of the pack already for 4 years so there was the two leaders, cub master and myself the only adults in uniform along with all 18 scouts. The leaders stayed in the room while the cub master and I supervised the scouts getting food. When the last scouts were going back to their seats the CM and I started to get our food. An elderly gentleman got up and came over to me saying " I am an eagle scout and my friend you are do
  3. It depends on the camping. If we are doing a setup camp since we only have a couple of trucks to haul the gear we have a community kitchen and the SPL dictates the kitchen schedule including the adult times. Each patrol provides it's own food. It has happened that the patrol leaders have gotten together with the SPL and each patrol is in charge of a different meal. Adults do have to fend for themselves. At one campout a patrol traded to the adults some bratwurst for the barbeque chicken we were cooking. When we go to resident patrol camp the boys cook breakfast and supper for everyone inc
  4. I have a good friend who was the scoutmaster of a troop of 18 boys charted thru a Christian school. As soon as the gay issue was voted upon the troop was dissolved. Only 2 scouts joined other troops the rest just quit scouting.
  5. Huey The scout did come to me which is why I went to the school to try to recruit the teacher for the MB.
  6. I have a scout who is in his 2nd year of welding at the tech high school. I had a conversation with his teacher the other day to be the MB counselor. He will not sign up do to the fact that he doesn't give out his SS# to anybody and doesn't want to take the time to do YP. He told me that this scout has done all the requirements to get the badge, he is willing to write a letter to the effect. Can this scout just find a MB counselor with the letter and have his blue card signed off?
  7. It's long but here it is Base Camp The launching point for your next Scouting adventure! Base Camp, at the center of Camp Bell, is where you'll get to meet Scouts from other troops, brush up on your Scouting skills, and take on challenges that will put your skills to the test. "LAUNCH!" First Year Camper Program Scouts will learn the fundamentals of Scouting, including Patrol Method, Scouting ideals, and all the basic outdoor skills. A great way to complete most advancement requirements from Tenderfoot through First Class. Wilderness Engineering Pioneer
  8. Truck Driver - Picks up the gear trailer and tows it to our campouts. He is happy with this job because it is his only responsibility.
  9. Our Council's camp in Gilmanton, NH is broken up into two parts, Hidden Valley and Camp Bell. HV is a traditional MB scout camp with the classes in the morning troop activities in the afternoon and we eat in the dining hall. Camp Bell is a patrol camp with the scouts having to pick up their food and cook it at their site. The camp provides all the necessary kitchen equipment a standard menu is provided and they get a cookbook also. Only three problems occurred when we go and they are 1) The scouts trying to agree on how something is to be prepared, such as French toast or scrambled egg
  10. When I was a range master for archery at day camp years ago I had them play a game that the scouts thought was great. I would give them 5 arrows and they had to hit one arrow in each color. Even gave out awards if the scout did it.
  11. DigitalScout The IH of my organization is an eagle scout but it is someone higher up than him to make the final decision. I have a friend who is the scoutmaster in the town south of me who's troop is being disbanded because his IH said that the scouts have lost their moral code allowing gays to join. If we do loose our sponsor we have a civic organization who is willing to sponsor us.
  12. I know of 3 troops and 1 pack that are sponcered by a religious organizations will be disbanded in my area if the scouts remove the ban on gay scouts/leaders. Mine is one of them! Are you in danger of loosing your unit?
  13. Hi Everyone, I have been lurking around here for a number of years but finally joined. I was the CC of the pack for 8 years before becoming the troop's scoutmaster. My troop is mostly made up of younger scouts (11-13) with a few older scouts and the oldest being a life scout at 15. I have been working on, with some opposition from some adults of getting this troop from a webelo III to a real Boy Scout troop. It's getting there but slowly I have 2 sons the oldest is a star scout at 14 and the youngest is a tenderfoot at 12.
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