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  1. I hear you, torribug. My Christmas wish is so selfish I fear it may take me a few degrees closer to h*ll. I want my older son to spend Christmas in Kuwait. He got there a couple days ago to find his company is scattered from hither to yon. He's got a few days in-processing and then, who knows? I just hope he can spend Christmas there at camp with a good meal, cheerful companionship, and maybe some entertainment. I remember those wonderful USO tours Bob Hope used to do. We sure miss that good man. I hope you get a phone call AND a letter!
  2. I watched the program with great interest as my sons are in that age group. I would not describe the young people on 60 Minutes last night as typical. They had clearly been indulged their whole lives. They even described their parents as their 'best friends.' These are the kids whose parents scheduled every free moment with the proper activities, soccer, dance, whatever the popular thing to do. These are the kids who always were given the latest toy, gadget, etc. They wear Ipods, their cell phones all have cameras, they wear the latest styles and drive nice cars. In short, these kids ha
  3. Fat Old Guy, Food for thought? Well, maybe. With only 10 posts Backpacker hasn't been around long enough to know you well enough to deliver insults. Hmmm...that didn't come out quite right, did it?
  4. "Houston-based El Paso Corp." Well now HERE'S a surprise! Wonder who owns it?
  5. Oh No! Not Billy Jack for young girls! Not with the rape scene, the underage-sex scene, the pregnant teen!!! NONONO!!! Besides, it was Billy who always saved the day, the girls just watched him and went "Ooooo, Billy!"
  6. Anne, I'm with you on the girls working together thing. I've been wracking my brain to think of a single one that does not involve women being victimized and then overcoming their oppressor. You know, concentration camp gals and such as that. NOT what you want to show young girls. I came up with plenty for boys working together, like "Holes" and "Stand by Me" but nothing for the girls! Hollywood, are you listening? OGE, we all loved little Hailey. I remember being horrified when she cut off her long blond locks for "Parent Trap."
  7. Eamonn, Thanks for your plug for the PBS series "Liberty! the American Revolution." I taped it a couple years ago and still watch it frequently. I also purchased the companion book on ebay by Thomas Fleming. It's a good overview of the Revolution and has lots of great pictures but unfortunately no bibliography. I just finished reading "Washington's Crossing" by David Hackett Fischer about the events of late 1776 and early 1777 which turned the tide in favor of the Americans. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the subject. I am also reading "Private Yankee Doodle:
  8. I have seen it. It's a visually beautiful film about a young girl who is the obvious choice to become the next leader of her people but is denied the opportunity to learn important skills due to her sex. Naturally she overcomes all odds and succeeds by the end. The only drawback in my opinion is the New Zealand accent, which takes some getting used to. I would recommend it.
  9. ummm.....I'm a little confused. Left-wing liberal media...aren't those the same guys who used to be the right-wing capitalist media? Seriously, if you want a balanced look at current events with no drama (and some people don't), try MacNeill-Lehrer.
  10. Thank you, FOG. I was wondering what to do tonight with red out of town. Barnbuilding with Harrison Ford sounds perfect. BTW, I have lived in a houseful of men for so long that blunt speech doesn't bother me in the least. As long as it's mine!
  11. I somehow forgot Gary Paulsen. My guys loved "Hatchet" about a 13-year-old boy surviving alone in the Canadian wilderness after a plane crash. Paulsen has also written some terrific memoirs about training dog teams and running the Iditerod.
  12. My sons are now 21 and 19 and have always enjoyed reading, especially the younger. When they were little they enjoyed action heroics from TV and movies and would act out Star Trek and Star Wars, Thundercats and Ninja Turtles. I took a look at younger feather's bookcase to refresh my memory of what he was reading from about 10 to 14 years old. Besides a few of the classics you mentioned, I found lots of Robert Heinlein, Frank Herbert, Ray Bradbury, C.L. Lewis, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Ursula LeGuin, and his all-time favorite, J.R.R. Tolkien. When he was in 5th grade, say about 10 years ago
  13. The more I think about this the madder I get. Probably because I grew up in a very rural area where most everybody hunts. Daddy had 3 rules that we learned long before he ever let us even touch a gun: 1. Wear blaze orange when you go in the woods or fields. Even if you're just hunting mushrooms. 2. Know where your partner is at all times. 3. If you can't ID it, don't shoot it. This is just so very sad and so very preventable.
  14. They were hunting hogs???? The kid was wearing a black cap???? What a totally stupid, easily preventable tragic loss of a young life.
  15. SPL, may I point out that this is an international forum? That you may have scouting friends from other countries reading this, that they have allegiance to their own flag, and may be offended by the idea of our flag flying 'arrogantly' above their own? I would also point out that with awesome power comes the awesome responsibility to use that power wisely. There must be a measure of humility to provide a balance and prevent arrogance and pride from running a destructive course. Patriotism does not mean that the world recognize our flag as the 'best' flag.
  16. scoutingagain made reference to Field of Dreams, a movie based in Iowa. The baseball stuff is great, but whoever wrote the thing knew nothing about farming or farm life. Another Iowa movie, which I liked much better, is The Straight Story, which is a true story. Alvin Straight was elderly and infirm and could not drive himself across Iowa to visit his brother's deathbed. So he rode a John Deere lawnmower. Lovely scenery and a lovely story. Not for kids, though. There's nothing objectionable, but it's a very slow movie. There's nothing speedy about crossing a state on a lawnmower. This
  17. My personal prediction is another mild winter here in the Heartland. But, it you hear the words Alberta Clipper, you had best become an Indoor Thinker!
  18. And a brief word of appreciation and support for the spouses, families, parents who stay behind and keep the home fires burning while their loved ones are away.
  19. S.89 the Universal National Service Act of 2003 was introduced by Sen. Ernest Hollings of S.C. It was referred to the House Committee on Armed Services. The same bill (H.R. 163) was sponsored by Rep. Charles Rangel of N.Y. It was referred on 2/3/2003 to the Subcommittee on Total Force. Also an Executive Comment was requested from DOD. The language was as Merlyn described and calls for registration of all persons 18-26 for a 2-year period of service. Since it hasn't been heard from since Febuary, it may have died in committee. "Someone oughta o-o-o-o-pen up a window...."
  20. Whoa OGE!!! Have you ever served on a jury? I get my notice to serve just about yearly and have served several times. A juror enters a case as a clean slate, armed only with common sense. The attorneys and the judge decide what evidence will be presented, according to law. Jurors are allowed no outside knowledge and will not be permitted to serve if they admit to such knowledge. In a sensational case, the average Joe who reads the newspaper knows much more about the case than the jury, which is why juries are often imported, or cases exported, when there has been substantial publicity.
  21. It's a little hard for me to admit that I agree completely with Fat Old Guy. I would not be surprised if the draft comes back due to lower enlistment and the overuse of the National Guard. I would not be surprised if both sexes were required to register. Look at the hoopla surrounding the Jessica Lynch fiasco. She was wounded, she was stabbed, she fired to the last round, she seized her fallen companions' weapons and fired to THEIR last round, she was beaten and starved. We saw the cartoons of her chasing Saddam with her M-16. All deliberate lies. Didn't she receive a medal for hero
  22. Your wide-mouth pint jar is pretty much straight-sided. You should be able to run a knife around it and dump it out. I have canned for years and never broken a jar except when I put a cold jar into boiling water. Paula
  23. Dave, I did a one-eighty. My first thought was 'too young for a mid-life crisis, too nice to be so self-indulgent.' I tend to agree with the guys who don't like going back. I don't even attend my high school reunions and if I ever encountered an old sweetheart I would run and hide. But hey, if you want to go and Mrs. S. is supportive, why not??? You're a smart guy. Do your homework! Make sure you ride IN the train, not ON the train, IN the pickup, not bouncing behind on your behind. Get your doctor's ok because the altitude might kill ya. And the wife would not be pleased to
  24. O Brother Where Art Thou? And the rest of the Coen Brothers, 'Raising Arizona', 'The Big Lobowski', and that blackest of comedies, 'Fargo.' Personally, I think the reason 'Top Gun' was made was to inspire 'Hot Shots'. Paula
  25. red and I have bought all our cast iron at auctions and yard sales, including crusty, greasy messes. I once put an especially bad skillet in the oven and set it to self-clean. It worked, after 3 1/2 hrs extreme heat all the gunk was reduced to ash. But it did stink up the house. red has been known to take skillets on overnights and put them upside down on the coals. I have heard that you can use a spray-on oven cleaner like Easy Off. Spray liberally, close the pan in a black garbage bag and set it out in the hot sun for a few hours. I haven't tried it, seems like the ammonia sme
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