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  1. We are looking for a nice trip to go on for a week or so in 2009 for a week or so. We are not looking for a summer camp, but more of a high adventure camp. We are located in Cincinnati, Ohio, but we can travel almost any distance. We are also looking for some new places to go in the ohio, kentucky, indiana area. We habe gone to Camp Michaels, Camp Friedlander, Hueston Woods, and Miami White Water. Our troop seems to be stuck in a bad routine of going to the same place every two years and we need some new places.
  2. Unfortunately, we already made the cabin rentals. Our cabin is located in Ashton, Idaho, 45 minutes south of the west Yellowstone enterance. Before we stay at the cabin, we sre going to a high adventure camp in Salt Lake City for four days. A chartered bus is taking us from place to place, which I am told, would cut down on the traffic because there is a special bus enterance in Yellowstone. Just another question for you guys. Is it right for a scoutmaster to tell a person, who has gone through NYLT and was the ASPL the year before, that he is not allowed to run for SPL because he is too
  3. If it was not for this trip, there would be a few scouts who would not be interested in scouting any longer. There are even a few eagle scouts from our troop who are coming back to help plan and fundraise for the trip. Out of the whole troop of 22 people, 20 are planning on attending the trip, and we have seven adults who are interested in going on the trip. And even with this, my SM is still trying to discourage us from making the trip happen. He has seperated the trip from the troop saying that no troop money will be used on it at all. I was the one in the beginning who was all gung-ho about
  4. About a year ago, my troop began planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park for 2008. We set up a seperate committee incuding boys and adults. My scoutmaster though, is not in favor of the trip what-so-ever because he thinks that the cabin we are staying in is too nice for Boy Scouts. A few months ago he came to a Yellowstone committee meeting for the first time so far. The only thing that he said though is that he is banning all of the boys from the yellowstone meetings because it is not a trip that we should be planning. All of the other adults though want us to be there so that we can giv
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