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  1. In our troop, we give out beads for all kinds of silly reasons every day at summer camp. Examples include best 'bed head', 'first blood' (every year, SOMEBODY will get a cut for some reason or another), etc. We've been known to include beads for neatest/cleanest tent and even the messiest tent on occasion. It's all in good fun and taken that way. We don't open tent flaps, and would only just neatest/messiest based on what was visible while flaps were up. We've also given an award to a scout who happened to be in camp as a huge storm was coming through who took it on himself to close flaps
  2. You can get around the limit of 255 characters for the comment by saving and then adding another comment (as many times as needed)
  3. While he's certainly not in 2nd grade yet, my grandson who will be turning 5 in 2 weeks probably has no clue as to his address or 'phone number'. His mom and 'Daddy Tom' are moving this weekend, they've only been in the current place a little over a year. Before that, he spent most of his life in our house but also 6 months or so in a different apartment. If pressed, he might know his full name, he does know that his mommy is also called Erin and on occasion will tell us daddy Tom's full name (at times we think he believes the full family has daddy tom's middle and last name) Daddy Tom is a
  4. I only want to make one point. BadenP in a prior post actually questioned the '30 by 30' requirement stating 'how often does that happen?' (relating to NOT holding a class) I can tell you from personal experience in our council that a class was canceled a couple of years ago for precisely that reason. I was a staff member, one of many who had put many hours of preparation in over the course of many months getting ready for our course that was ultimately canceled because we didn't have 30 registered 30 days out. Unfortunately in our neck of the woods at least, we've seen a distinct trend of d
  5. HICO, I was told at a Commissioners training event that the Colorado Legislature had approved of the National Health form so the Colorado specific form would no longer be used. I have not yet been able to verify this information.
  6. There is no requirement to build a radio in the current Radio MB. You do need to be able to draw several components and locate some of them.
  7. I have to say it's situational. I know this is the Cub Scout area but in Colorado for boy scouts, camping where the temp drops below 32 degrees is standard for fall/winter/spring months. Our troop requires it's members (youth AND adult) to attend our own Winter Camp Training to teach them how to dress and sleep warm for any tent camping between November and April. For the Polar Bear patch, they have to sleep outside (in tents) when the temperature drops below 0 degrees... and cook a meal. The Wood Badge Course for which I was on staff last year got their Polar Bear For cubs, though, I a
  8. Or you can try Camp Tahosa in Denver Area Council... http://www.denverboyscouts.org/openrosters/ViewOrgPageLink.asp?LinkKey=11107&orgkey=51
  9. When I was CC for our troop, we probably 'failed' less than 5 scouts over a 5 year period. Some were a scout who could not sit up and maintain eye contact, appeared to have no interest in the process at all. For those, we simply requested that he re-evaluate and try again. My most memorable 'fail' was for a young man going through the board to achieve First Class rank. Our troop allows any scout of First Class or above to sign off on skills for T-2-1 so I asked a question related to that. I asked if a buddy came and asked him to sign off on something that the buddy couldn't demonstrate, w
  10. Most camps I've been to have 'roads' around if only for camp staff to transport things to/from the camp sites especially during off season. While they tend to have a 'no cars in camp' rule, that rule is almost always waived for situations such as yours or for disabled scouts. The car can only be used for transporting the specific disabled person and not for general troop transport but most camps I've been to do allow for that.
  11. As said previously, it all depends. In my home county, burn bans often include charcoal grills. This was the reason we finally got a gas grill for the house, I went a whole summer not able to grill at home and didn't like that. I think the reasoning is that charcoal grills could get knocked over or blown over (if strong enough winds) and charcoal could then start a fire but a gas grill is heavier so less likely to be knocked over and even if knocked over, less likely to catch surrounding vegetation on fire.
  12. I've been to a lot of different beading ceremonies over the years. Our council has a 'Wood Badge Breakfast' twice a year and some get their beads there. The breakfast is a fund-raiser for the JAMBO troops when they are formed and looking for fund raising, otherwise it is a fundraiser for whatever troop hosts it. It's a time for anyone who has been through Wood Badge to get together and have some fun as well as a bit of a recruiting effort for potential participants. Other than at Wood Badge Breakfasts, I have only been to ONE beading where 'the song' was sung. They've been at Troop meetin
  13. Jeffrey - the problem with your approach is that some youth have dropped out of Boy Scouts and only participate in Venturing while still working on their advancement towards Eagle. This is perfectly acceptable per BSA regulations so long as he had achieved at least First Class while in a Troop. It is very likely in that event that he does not have a Boy Scout uniform that fits if it has been more than a year.
  14. Our DE showed us the new Resource Guide at the Commissioners Meeting this past week. He indicated that there is 'more' material in the printed guide (or DVD that can be purchased) than what can be downloaded but he wasn't specific as to what that included.
  15. Seems to me that our scout shop tends to ask for the advancement report if you are a unit leader purchasing insignia but if you are a parent or only purchasing a few items with your own funds, they don't ask.
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