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  1. I should have also noted in my reply that my unit also sent 4 crews to Sea Base as well that week and they had a great time. I didn't want my reply to seem like a bash on sea base, which was not my intent.
  2. We had an overflow crew use the Dream Catcher out of Key West http://www.sailingkeywestflorida.com/ We left on a Monday and returned on a Friday. All 5 days out at sea which was nice. We had ASMs on board that had done the Sea Base experience prior and said this trip beat that. We plan to skip Sea Base next time and sail directly with him.I cannot say enough about Captain John and the experience he gave our scouts last July. You won't be disappointed.
  3. "why do you let your Scouts take Camping Merit Badge at summer camp?" First, we didn't know the camp was going to do such a large class and a blanket sign off. We'd hope the boys would come away with some shared knowledge from a counselor who's more their age then the troops MB counselor. Summer camp seems like a far better place to take camping merit badge then in the school cafeteria where the troop meets. Second, most of the boys are only a few nights from earning the badge and were expected to come home with a partial.
  4. To bring us back on topic of MB mills at summer camp I give you camping merit badge this past summer. 4th period of the day, over 70 boys in the class, of which we had 19 from our troop. Of those 19 I know only 4 that will complete the badge with the other 15 needing outing nights for completion. On check out I get 19 blue cards all marked "completed at camp". You've got to be kidding me??? We pointed out the glaring error to the director of Scoutcraft who seemed not to surprised or concerned for that matter, and followed up with a comment on the camp survey. We took those 15 cards and m
  5. Mine arrived as well, I can say that a 42 long it is and it fits nicely. What a deal!
  6. Just to clarify-my thought on the inspection was to be able to stand outside the tent since the flaps should be rolled up, and look inside. Nothing more. Either its a mess or some effort was taken to keep it clean. I don't want them coming to me because they can't find something. I'm not looking to build self-esteem or create a reward system. I'm thinking more along the lines of personal responsibility for their surroundings, their gear and the camp as a whole. A Scout is supposed to be "clean" and I'd like to encourage that. It should be easy to keep their tents neat and tidy sinc
  7. I'm planning on doing tent inspections for my troop while the boys are off at the first MB class of the day. Just a simple 5 point check off -flaps rolled, bunks neat, no liter that sort of stuff. Nothing over the top. The question I have is does anybody else do this and if so how do you recognize/reward the effort? Back in my day, the SM left a ribbon hanging on the tents.
  8. Sorry, I should have mentioned I was talking about the site scoutstuff.org, I just picked up a 42 Long adult for $19.99, maybe I got lucky with the size/price.
  9. I have made Alps purchases from Scout Direct and highly recommend them. Even REI when they have sales can't match the discounted price. I own both a mummy bag and a rectangle bag. The rectangle bag is the 40degree summer bag and its quite comfortable and compresses down rather small. I also have an Alps backpack and tent due to the outstanding quality product they make, I highly recommend the Alps brand. Sure other brands are better no doubt, but you can't be the scouting discount pricing with Scout direct. Its hassle free to sign up and they run great periodic sales.
  10. I happened to look at the new and improved site that was mentioned in another thread. For those of you looking for the Red jacket, I just picked one up for $19.99. What a markdown! Must be they truly are moving away from the red over to the green.
  11. I happened to look at the new and improved site that was mentioned in another thread. For those of you looking for the Red jacket, I just picked one up for $19.99. What a markdown! Must be they truly are moving away from the red over to the green.
  12. I serve as Committee Chair for our pack and I currently find myself at odds with the Cub Master and some Den Leaders on den size. Two years ago we had 22 Tigers join our ranks and only two dads offered leadership-both being their second time as DLs with younger sons. So we pressed on with one den of 22, which followed last year with a Tiger den of 17, and then this year we're back with another Tiger den of 20. My son is currently a second year Webelos scout and we have 2 dens in this rank-which has worked fine. The problem is that the den of 22 has worked out fine as well, they get some other
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