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  1. We are being told by our Jamboree SM that when they leave the campsite thatthey can only wear Jamboree T-shirts. I know in the past it was alright to wear scout related T-shirts at the Jamboree, how is everyone else handling this?
  2. I am the Scoutmaster for the local troop and we invited the Webelos II to participate in our spaghetti dinner so they could also raise money for their summer camp. I agree that if they were invited then ou should choose yes or no. I also agree you should check into this JAmbo business, my son is going but the Jambo troop is doing their own fund raising. Fred
  3. I gues I should have been clearer. Even when I went as a scout they taught merit badges, but if you wanted to do something else during the day there was plenty to do. We cannot find one that has things for the boys to do during the day except merit badge classes. I talked to the people at Hale Scout Reservation and they plain told me that free time and open shooting were both in the evening and that htere was nothing to do during the day. I also talked to Buffalo Gap Scout reservation and was told that if they did not take merit badge classes they could stay in the cmapsite. We would like
  4. Was lookng on the WWW for a new summercamp and cannt seem to find one that is in the Texas area and is not a merit badge factory. We want to go somewhere else next summer because at our councils camp, if the boys are not in a merit badge class there is nothing for them to do. I remember growing up and having plenty to do at camp whether you did merit badges or not. It just doesn''t seem right to charge this amount of money, and give the boys nothing to do. Please chime in and tell how it is where you go. Fred
  5. Our Pack has the pack meeting on the 4th monday of every month, except the 3 summer months. The dens are on thier own to decide for themselves. The way we work it is that the new tiger den each year has to work themselves into the schedule. This gives us consistency in meetings. My wife is the Webelos leader and they have been meeting at the same time on the same day for 4 years now. It really works. PS: Pack meetings are as much fun as you make them.
  6. as a unit trainer and assisting with district advancement the answer is no, you cannot use unused portions of Wolf achievements or unused Wolf achievements towards arrow points. This is only for Bear. Fred
  7. MEMORIAL DAY Memorial Day is a patriotic holiday in the United States of America, that is a celebration of remembrance for the brave service of men and women who have given their lives for our country. Originally, Memorial Day honored those who had died in the Civil War. Now it honors those who have died in all wars and conflicts. Memorial Day was originally called Decoration Day and was believed to have been first celebrated in Waterloo, N.Y.. Waterloo is considered the birthplace of this holiday because the people of Waterloo were the first people to proclaim a day to ho
  8. Beagle Scout is right on the money $$$$$ Only portions of requirements that were not used for the rank badge may be used for Bear arrow points. Wolves can only use the electives in the back of the book for arrow points. Fred
  9. In the latest edition of the Cub Scout Leader Book, page 12-4 states: "Webelos Dens may have a name and wear the appropriate "patrol" emblem instead of a den numeral, but they still must be referred to as dens not patrols". I hope this clears this issue up. Fred
  10. As Carol has stated the boy may be granted a few extra weeks to complete his work. Once he begins work on the next level there is no going back. Also once they become Webelos there is no reason to rush, they can complete the Webelos badge even if they are in 5th grade. They just must earn it before the Arrow of Light. Fred JMHO but if all they need is to complete a few requirements, give them a few weeks to finish.
  11. Our Pack has just had a local branch of a major national company, pledge $400.00 towardsa new PWD track. I was just wondering what the pros and cons of aluminum versus wood. I would like to hear everyones preferences. Most of the leaders say an aluminum one, but I just don't know enough about them. Fred
  12. While it might have worked, it is still wrong. The Webelos are Dens not patrols. Right now our Webelos II den is known as the Panther Den because this is the name they picked. This is also the name that they will cross over with to form a patrol. Remember, they are still part of the Cub Scout program and they cannot be treated as Boy Scouts. Fred
  13. Judy, This is off the subject, but I was wondering which town and what sponsor your troop has. I grew up on LI and was in troop 185 sponsored by the catholic church. Fred
  14. Retread78, I am the cubmaster, and for th epack meetings every den is involved in several ways. The dens rotate between set-up, opening, closing and clean-up. Also every den is responsible for either a skit or a song. We also do games. Also I would suggest that the awards be broken up and given out in between other activities, this keeps the boys attention longer. Fred
  15. Welcome to our campfire! If you enjoy kids and can havea great time, then be a cubmaster, you will no tregret it!!! Fred
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