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  1. We in Scouting are all glad that this boy has been found. In my days of scouting we did not tie our boys with a buddy system. Only at the waterfront and when the boys took solo hike, and they had to have a strong walkie talkie with them so they could communicate with home base.I have a few questions to pose for you. a...was the boy 10 1/2 or younger (some parents forged their son's age so the boy could go to a camp free ) Was he mature to undertake staying at a rugged camp ? Why was he allowed to use the climbing tower at age 10 1/2. I remember they had to be 14, Have rules changed ?
  2. This is a DISCLAIMER. ( p0st # 41 ) I never wrote that article..."Leave religious fanatics out of Scouting " I am very upset over this ! (@#%$^&+ ) Could some one have used my secret ID, to write this ? Here are some of my reasoss why it is not mine : 1...It has Good grammer and spelling.( I can't write nor spell correctly ) 2...I never claimed to be a former Eagle Scout, nor A Scout executive. ( I did mention in some other format that I worked proffesionaly ) 3...I am a religious person, but I would never write this . 4...I sign all my statements with ( juris,www ) and thi
  3. Scouter 9933,(HG-Chicago ) I am sorry to hear that you are losing boys. That sort of proves that there is some sort of problem in your unit ?. Instead of asking the SM to resign, maybe you should consider leaving the committee ? This is one way, that the present SM ,can choose people for his committee ,who would be amiable to his concepts and ideas of making his troop grow.? It seems to me that all the training of the "Aims & methods" will not work unless you have the subtantial numbers of boys in the unit. I am sorry ,I am not 95 years in Scouting, but only 38. Otherwise you can cal
  4. Semper paratus Scouter, I heard this claim " You don't need to be in Scouting....."I've heard this at numerous Training courses, and at Proffesional Executive Seminars. That you don't need to be in Scouting, or know anything of Scouting. to be a successful ...We can teach and train you in becoming a Scoutmaster. Of course, charecter and enjoyment of the youth is an important factor. This is a recruitment ploy to get the hesitant volunteers to sign up.,to become Scoumaster's.This is one of the reason's ,why many boys quit Scouting., because they are told your SM does not have to know, it's the
  5. I agree with most of your assesment, :PRARIE SCOUTER:!....Back ground in Scouting, working with youth, is a big plus being a good Scout leader. You are the exception,....charector is a given,.Congratulations!. You are just like I used to be . You had the proper training.,Therefore I assume you are now running an outstanding unit. Practically speaking, I found that the majority of commitees, do not know to much of the operation of the unit.nor Scouting. And, they should not act as supervisor's in you running the boy program. The accountability role is dedicated to your unit commisioner ,whe
  6. Scouter ;SP540BEAVER', I had to chuckle when you reffered to me as a 'FAT OLD GUY ', beleive me I never have been, nor am I now fat..How can one be in Scouting and be fat ? that's if your are not active, and sit around watching TV, To the last days as SM, I still hiked and camped with younger scouts. But the high adventure activities were carried out by my youthful ASM's. Have you been at camporees and seen how many of our scouters are fat, and out of shape,( Not taught in training courses. (ha,ha)Well that's Scouting, this is the way a song goes " we have fat one's, skiny one's, we're going o
  7. BBNG SCOUTeR is correct when he quated Lynda's father. I never lectured any of other leaders how they should run their units. I was the quite type, only some new and old SM's could never figure out why I had a successful program. And I would say to them "you have to know scouting...take training course and find out," But they could never duplicate my success , becouse they don't teach that at those courses.Since I retired, I don't mind shaking my feathers a bit. Juris,www
  8. To my scouter friend, Ed Mori. Troop # 1.I used to know a unit # 1....They had the best troop. I think they were the first in the Council, maybe the nation, They had a diesel bus, ( against bsa policy), fund raising where the entire town participated.( ex cluded the council, which is against the by laws of BSA ), had a membership of 80+, Had their own Scout building (against BSA )this is where the cub scouts and boy scouts met, and this where they kept their equipment.Their had an alumni association of former Scouts, and parent auxialry . The leaders that I spoke said, the reason they hav
  9. I appreciate "Prairy Scouter's" support of most of my views, "Bob White" I apalogize using your name on this forum without your permission.PS, I am glad that you have an open mind. I just want to bring a situation I heard on one of our roundable's....This Scoutmaster ran fairly good troop in my opinion, but had an antigonistic commitee who were determined to get rid of him. He fought, and got the commisioner involved. Well, they succeeded. The new SM, knew nothing of running a unit, nor had the spirit of Scouing ,but promised to take training course, Within a few month the parents with drew th
  10. Well, thanks . You realy know how to crucify an old timer who is not in step with your oppinions. I speak from experience. I know it is contreversial ...but that is how I see it from many years of being a SM of one of the largest units in the Council, and maybe the nation. Read my provile, and my post to "Dan K " The wood badge I took in London did not asign numbers, but names. So . don't try to discredit me. Maybe I am a bit sinile, please forgive me.But, if you don't agree with me that BSA, Inc. is there to make money. Find out for yourself. The legend of the old time scouters are dying.
  11. My dear Souters: some of you missed my point ? " Cub Scouting is not good in furthering our Scout Movement ." I showed you just one of example, there are more, Maybe some one else will point that out.BSA, Inc, runs many youth programs, such as Scout Troops,venture units,explorers. OA chapters, and etc. But they are not the original concept of what Baden Powell created. Souting was boys from 12 to 17 years of age. Then BSA,Inc. decided to expand it's program not for the sake of the youth welfare,but so they can make more money.At roundable and campouts we joke some times ,that soon they will
  12. Don't get shocked when I point out to you that in some instancies, Cub Scouting was not good in furthering our Scout movement. Example: On one my of recruitment projects I was allowed, with the school principle's permission, to go to each class to recruit new boys into Scouting. I asked "how many boys are in Scouting ? Ten boys raised their hands. They could not have been eleven. That puzzled me.? So Asked them what Troop they belonged.?They said " we're in Boy Scout pack 24, "oh well"I said "that is great, then you will be joining Boy Scouts ? "Oh no, we did camping, canoeng, knot tying,
  13. Scouter wants to know what secrets.we have in Scouting, well many There are secrets in the Disdrict/ local councils,regions, and on national levels. We only find out about them is in the news print, if you are lucky enough. There are two division of Scouting. The volunteers and the proffesionals. Most of the volunteers Scouters know more abaut Scouting movement then the paid proffesionals. There is a continues rift between these two elements of the organization.The proffesionals use their laws and by laws which they wrote without the consent of Scouters, but the Scouters live and use th
  14. I certainly would not choose you as a direct leader with boys in my Troop. It's not the council/national that has the say but the commitee with the consent of the SM. There are Leaders who are serial killers, petifiles, and child abusers who got into scouting with out detection.Scouting program needs thes safe guards to protect our children. As mentioned there are other jobs, on psid proffesional level that you might get in .But as a vulenteer leader is out of the question. Juris, www
  15. GNY Scouter, It sounds like you were in my Troop ? Did you participate in our trip to a Canadian Boy Scout camp, or a trip to Camp Delatour, Colorado or our scout exchange program to Europe, or International Jamboree in Canada ? Well, if you did, then you understand what makes up a successful unit. Don,t misunderstand me, I had problems with my unit. Once, we told the Patrol leaders to plan a menu, and shop for food . Well, everything went wrong...the PL's thought the Troop was going to cook the meals. So no one bought any food. On the day of departure at our Troop bus ( against BSA,Inc
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