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  1. Check out www.pack780.org We have just added a forums section that we would like to see become active as well.....
  2. Our website is www.pack780.org. We are located in Dunn, NC.
  3. What is the rule in regards to holding a fundraiser on public property such as a school (that is not the charter organization)?
  4. Out of sheer dumb luck and stumbling, I found the answer to those who do not hold to God and His place in Scouting.... www.spiralscouts.org. I just have never heard of this pagan version of Boy Scouts. No real point to this post other than "I didn't know it existed".......
  5. I recently got a pair of Garmont at www.campmor.com for about 50. They were on sale........They have been a good pair, and I am extremely picky as to what I wear and comfort.
  6. I am a scoutmaster in a small town, and we put everything we do in the paper. in 8 months I have grown from 7 scouts in the troop to about 12 as of last night. Publicity helps, I would focus on publicity for the individual unit.
  7. Last year this was the boat I was in, I have since grown so it isn't an issue this year. It was myself and my wife handling a troop of 6 boys. She and I both handled summer camp. We did stay in seperate tents, not sure if that is something that "has to be done" or if it was something she chose/ asked us to do. At either rate, seperate tents was a good idea and a cooler one at night.
  8. They are all right nutz. You said it best yourself 1) you have been to more than enough training and 2) NO ONE else has stepped up to help. Anyone I hear complain, I start digging for an application for them to sign up and start helping. Sometimes they do, sometimes they shut up and flow with it. If you loose 2, there will be 3 more to replace them down the road. I hated loosing scouts, but sometimes it is out of your control and falls back on the parents being responsible and dedicated. If they aren't, the kid doesn't have a chance unless we start busing them in like school.
  9. You and the scout deserve a pat on the back! Speaks well of your program!! I am going to have a mom issue like that in a couple years. This 1 family has 4 boys. The oldest is autistic and in the troop - the next are in wolves (twins) and the other is a tiger. We always take week 2 of camp which means we leave on Father's Day around noon. This year the oldest is suppose to go with dad to camp with us. Mom is already working in the comments "you guys always go camping on ____(insert hallmark holiday of choice here)." In reality - the only one we kinda step on some is Father's day
  10. This topic hits home for my area. We recently (in Jan.) had a church member/ retired postman arrested. In April, he goes to court to face 20- 25 counts of indecent liberties with a minor over a 10 year span. Incidents allegedly happened both at church and on his postal route. KoreaScouter is right....you have to watch people and warn the kids who to look to contact when they are lost. I sat with this man in church, and we were at one time fairly close to him and his wife. After reading his tactic (used candy to lure them away) - I have seen his attempts on my own daughter....
  11. Being a new troop - We are 1 patrol. I recently added a Star Scout to my troop (along with another ASM) and with him being the most experienced (maturity and exposure to patrol method/ youth run troops) I made him SPL. To me, this gets them used to reporting through the proper channels of communications. Given your situation - I agree with some earlier posts, the position itself isnt as big of a problem as the "why are they leaving". You need to identify the whole in your bucket and plug it...... Don't be afraid to ask them why they are leaving.
  12. My father in law passed away back in October. We now have all of his scout stuff - badges, eagle, etc.... He hiked the entire Appalachian trail once...........
  13. FScouter should visit the rogue troop in my district.......i think they have their own "troop wing" at the Shearaton......if the boys here "ok time for supper" - they look up and say "dad, whats on the grill"........
  14. our troop typically avoids camps that charge a campsite fee. We tend to call on farmers in the areas that we wanna camp, and luckily we have been fortunate to avoid those fees. We let the boys do their own menu, and they stay in the range you indicated. The leaders are the only other adults that go. We do our own menu and where 1 buys this time, another buys the next.....it balances out. all of the other fees.......we don't deal with. we try to only charge what it takes to get the boys where they want to go. Fortunately, we have enough kids as to where us leaders can carpool them out.
  15. Thats the method I follow as well. Luckily, I have only 2 scouts on meds. (One is my son). The other scout takes allergy pill. I hold it for mom, but like it was said earlier - I don't chase him down. If I happen to see him and I remember, then I may mention it. This kid pretty much stays on top of it though. Remember - CYA. While there are no forms to have, create one crucial one for yourself. It's called --- Instructions. Have on the paper "Med. name, dose, frequency, instructions and "other important info regarding meds"" That way its all written down and no questions about
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