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  1. What a parallel world we live in! We arrived in March of 61, two months after Dad went there. We flew from McChord AFB on a charter flight with the original Alaska Airlines to Anchorage. From there we also flew to Kenai on a DC-3 Pacific Northwest Airlines plane. We arrived to snow and ice and bitter, biting, freezing wind. Our trip to our new home [quarters that Dad had got ready for us] was in a 10-year old Army carryall [called a Suburban!]. Life was a real adventure there for a 11-12 year old. Our winter camporee was held out off of North Kenai Road next to a frozen over lak
  2. Now you've got me rev'ved up! What a small world it is! My original message was in reference to Wildwood Station, Alaska, where I began my time in the Scouts. We were there from 61-63. The leader I'm looking for is Dave Horton who was a scout commissioner and was in the Air Force. The troop was actually 653 [still have the shoulder patches on my original shirt] when I was there. Our meetings were at the "Scout Hut" which was an old quonset hut on the way to Building 100 where top military secrets were kept. In recent times I've reconnected with two fellow Scouts from Wildwood, incl
  3. Can someone point me in a direction for locating a couple of scout leaders from 40+ years ago? I'm looking for one in particular but the other one, who is probably better known, can probably connect me to the one I'm looking for.
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