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  1. I just found this tidbit of information regarding the tartan neckerchief. "Originally then entire neckerchief was the wool Maclaren tartan. Within 2 years they just used a small square of the tartan on each neckerchief to save money." If anyone knows where a person can buy one of these please let us know. I originally wanted one just because I thought it was nicer looking than the "pink/beige" neckerchief but now that I know that it was the original neckerchief worn, that puts a whole new spin on it!
  2. Ah hah! So there is a wool tartan neckerchief! Maybe it's just the fact that I'm scottish but the training tartan neckerchief is just stunning and I'd prefer a wool tartan neckerchief over the "pink" one. Tartan wool cloth can be found easily online in just about any clan tartan. http://www.house-of-tartan.scotland.net/
  3. In my humble opinion many things in life are not done for yourself but for others. Perhaps all of us get some joy from being scout leaders but a whole lot of it is selfless giving without appreciation. Woodbadge is about improving yourself so that you can offer your services to the greater benefit of the world brotherhood of scouting. I personally hate ever being the center of attention but often offer these acts up for loved ones. I say grin and bear it and give your loved ones an opportunity to celebrate your achievement!
  4. Yes I went through woodbadge myself and understand about wearing the tartan neckerchief until you finish your ticket and get beaded. What I was told is that once you are beaded you can either wear the pink neckerchief or a tartan neckerchief.I'm assuming there's a MaClaren Tartan neckerchief without the embroidered axe/log troop 1 insignia that can be worn in place of the pink neckerchief.
  5. I attended a beading ceremony the other night and one of the staffers involved in the ceremony and I were talking about the tartan neckerchief and the pink neckerchief. I mentioned that I thought the full tartan neckerchief was beautiful but I didn't really care for the pink one. He said that you can get a full tartan one to wear in place of the pink one. Can anyone confirm this information? If so where can you get one? Also I know a Scout Master that wears his pink neckerchief and beads everytime he wears his uniform while the rest of his troop wears purple neckerchiefs. Is that appropr
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