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  1. Beavah, i think that a great story and i think it was haddled very well. i think thats what needs to be done!
  2. nolesrule, i get what your saying and to a degree i agree but if i was the SM or CC or on his EBOR then he would have to work his Butt off to earn that eagle rank because that is somthing that i also wear on my uniform and i am proud of it. It makes me proud to hear about the good that eagle scouts are doing in the world. But on the other hand it makes me sickening to know that there are scouts out there that are just wearing the pin and not realizing what it really means. I get that kids make mistakes and this is a mistake that he needs to learn from and i beleive that scouting will set him o
  3. Eagle, and i get that and he has every right to a fair trial as outlined in our legal government but we are not talking about somthing that the legal system has control over. Does he deserve his rank of eagle? And people are saying that a judge needs to find him guilty in order for actions to take place in the BSA. I will bet my life that that judge finds him guilty because they have solid evidence......the police report that states him blood alcholo level! Why does it need to go through our legal system in order for this crime that THIS KID DID COMMIT to be taken seriously!?
  4. Everyone is talking about this young man being innocent or guilty and that nothing should be done untill he is proven guilty..... "Innocent untill Proven Guilty" Yeah i get it but cmon, He was driving under the influence. He was pulled over and his blood alchohol level was taken and it was above the legal limit.. (which in the state of Rhode Island is .002) He is guilty if he has more in alcohol in his system then that. I dont get why it needs to go to a judge in order for him to be known as a drunk driver or an intoxicated at that! He was drinking and then he was driving and THAT IS ILLEGAL M
  5. Okay, one of the requirments to be signed off prior to the EBOR is "Live the Scout Oath and Law in Your Daily Life"...Or somthing to that effect. And To be honest getting a DUI is not completing that requirment therefore the SM can withhold that advancement until he proves that he has learned from his mistake. But thats just me... the SM needs to step in before it gets to the eagle board because no madder who you speak to wether or not how far up in the chain of command they are... the all will agree that there is NOTHING SCOUT LIKE ABOUT GETTING A DUI! Personally this scout should be de-ranke
  6. Abel.... i am SPL, i am an eagle scout and yes he did get approval before he started, but i dont think it dawned on anyone who signed off. Idk maybe you guys are right its the EBOR to decide but at the same time they are asking for SM approval. We'll see what happens!
  7. Now thats an Eagle Project! But yes i tottally agree, it depends on the project and it depends on their role.
  8. Eagle732, i agree that the SM should be allowed to be able to have a say which now that i think back all four signatures must be obtained at the end saying that they planned and carryied out the project. And i think everyone has the wrong idea, he thought that he was going to have more scouts show up....thats why it was approved. but it didnt turn out like that. He had his mom (CC) his dad (SM) one scout and a personal friend. They baked bread, they measured mixed baked and packaged the bread. I personally think that this is not acceptable...soley on the thought that he only provided leadershi
  9. I completely understand that it is not my place to judge the quality of an eagle project. I just wanted the imput of others. and no his paper work has not been completed yet nor is he close to a board because he has a couple of more merit badges to do. I just feel as though he is doing the least amount of work possible for an eagle project. I wasnt there the day of the project cause i was camping with my troop so i cant tell you how his leadership was like but i can tell you from troop leadership, he doesnt take inititive. But i guess you guys are right, that only 2 others scouts are fine for
  10. well doesnt tht defeat the purpose of an eagle project. A "Leadership Project", to show leadership, and i only imagine that they should be scouts. but the project was to bake bread for the homeless around thanksgiving time. and yes i beleive there were adults there, but i beleive that the adults should not help in an project because they have a tendency of stepping up and leading it expessially because this was the SM son.
  11. Total there was 3 youth there. The eagle canidate, one scout and a friend. So he was only leading 2 people. There reason the rest of the troop wasnt there was because we were camping which the canidate knew ahead of time that we were camping that weekend. His original plan was that he would have some kids just stay back from camping. and only one stayed back. As far as his efforts to get people involved, because we were camping there wasnt much effort. but the thing is.... he knew that we were camping and why did he have to have it the same weekend. Our camping trip was scheduled first so he k
  12. Would you count an eagle project an eagle project if a eagle canidate only lead ONE scout in his eagle project? Can anyone find any Offical liturature saying that there should be more or if that enough! Thanks for the Help SPL1Warwick
  13. '77, i tottally disagree. If a SM becomes a SM for the right reasons, then that scoutmaster would want anything that the scouts beleive that would enrich their scouting experience. In my opinion a SM is there to make sure that the scouts program is not unhealthy nor unsafe, and because Ramen noodles are not unsafe nor unhealthy (For a lunch on one campout once a month) then the SM has no place in placing a ban in territory that he is oversteping his boundries on SPL1Warwick
  14. Gary Miller.... I cant agree more with you! It is not the job of the adult leaders to ban items. It is infact the youth. Im sure BSA has wanted to ban ipods and laptops and pop tarts but they relize that this is a YOUTH LEAD ORGANIZATION. Take that for what its worth. Contrary to popular beleif, the adult does not have the power to tell scouts what they can and cant do...(Within health and safety concerns). I dont see why the adults care, let them have fun and they will make mistakes and they will learn from them! I PROMISE! PS i love poptarts the cinnimon and sugar ones are the best
  15. Make sure failure is painful.... isnt that a lil harsh?
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