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  1. Hey folks, Can anyone give me some good descriptions of the different unit types in Scouting? For instance, what is the general differences between a Post and a Troop? Is there any difference between a Crew or a Ship for Ventures and what exactly are Varsity Scouts? Thanks!
  2. This is my first year recruiting as the CC and I'm going to be going into the school next week with our CM to talk to the 1st - 4th grade boys about joining Cub Scouts. We are not permitted to talk to the boys in the classroom, but they will be brought into the gymnasium during lunch so we can give our pitch. I'm not sure what to do to get the boys excited in the short amount we are going to have. Anyone have any advice for what we should do in 10-15 minutes? Keep in mind, we are cutting into the boys' lunch/recess time so we need to get our point across, get them excited and not take up
  3. Jones' son doesn't go to school in the USA. Beckinsale and Jones are both English and are wrapping up shooting Everybody's Fine in the U.K. along with DeNiro.
  4. This discussion is great and I really appreciate your feedback. So, here is my take on it after reading your comments and doing a little research. I do not think having the unit solicit for goods or especially funds is appropriate, but I do think we can approach local businesses and ask them if they would like to be involved in our events. A lot of businesses have branded items like pens, pencils, magnets, etc. that would be great to pass out to the boys and their parents. At the same time, if a business wants to donate some funds on their own, I have no problem accepting it. For t
  5. As we start a new year and plan for our popcorn sale kickoff, we are thinking of asking local businesses if they would like to sponsor our fund raising effort by supplying door prizes and incentive gifts specific to our unit. While I know units are not permitted to solicit donations, is it acceptable to ask for local sponsors of our events? Besides the popcorn sale, I'd like to get some businesses to sponsor our Pinewood derby and Blue & Gold. This subject came up when my new Popcorn Kernel told me he was asking local businesses to help out with our Popcorn Kickoff. One busines
  6. Folks, Thanks for all the advice. I guess I was under the impression that I needed the boys before I could charter the troop. It sounds like I should get the infrastructure setup first, then worry about (or let the troop leadership worry about it) recruitment. I have a couple of very motivated 30 something Eagle Scouts I'd really like to lead the troop. I think I have a meeting with them and our COR and see if we can get this rolling. In the Pack, we rely on some of the parents to step, but that doesn't have to be the case in the troop as long as we have some good leadership. Unfor
  7. Thanks. Our DE was just promoted to the Director of Marketing and our new DE has not been introduced yet. He's bound to need some breaking in. I am on the district committee and will be asking the same questions at our next committee meeting. Just wondered if anyone had any experience doing this. Is it irregular for a Pack committee to initiate a Boy Scout troop?
  8. I am the CC of a three year old Cub Scout Pack and I would very much like to get a troop started so our Webelos have somewhere local to continue Scouting in. Our district would like to see a BSA troop in our small town and our charter organization is interested in hosting it. I think our current Pack committee can at least begin to support a troop until it is up and running. I guess my biggest problem is getting boys to start it and keeping my Webelos interested enough to continue on. I have three 1st year Webelos and I'd like to find a few more. In two years time, I'd like to have a troo
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