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  1. I have heard from a few sources that the Eagle required merit badge list will be changing in 2010. Not to spread rumor, I am wondering does anyone have a credible source that can confirm this? What are the changes, and what happes to a boy that is working on the 'old' list?
  2. For us 'cobbler challenged' ... when you say "dump the cake mix on top" do you mean mix it up according to the directions and spoon on top, or just dump the dry mix on top of the fruit?
  3. Is it possible - sure! I admire you for thinking about re-joining. When I was your age I was a Life scout with only a few things to finish to get my Eagle. Now, I am 40 and I only have the same few things to finish ... Every Eagle COH I attend reminds me that I should have done what you are doing right now .. go back. If you are about to First Class, you will need 4 months minimum to earn Star, 6 months minimum to earn Life, and an additional 6 months to earn Eagle. You need Positions of Responsibility (PORs) for the same amount of time for each rank. Can it be done, sure
  4. jimster

    Uniform hat

    Because the hat is part of the uniform! You wouldn't ask them to remove their neckerchiefs, or leave their pocket knives outside when entering the building - would you?
  5. jimster

    Uniform hat

    I think the main point here is that as long as it is the official uniform hat of the group it is considered part of the uniform and CAN be worn indoors as such. The second point is, since it is permitted as part of the uniform, SHOULD it be worn indoors? That is a matter of custom of the group. According to BSA it CAN be, question is - do you WANT to let your scouts do it?
  6. jimster

    Uniform hat

    A quick Google search produced ... http://www.scouter.com/forums/postings.asp?action=ReplyForm&threadID=228163&forumID=3 According to the Insignia Guide (No. 33066E), "Official headgear may be worn while the unit or individual is participating in an indoor formal ceremony or service duty, except in religious institutions where custom forbids. Typical indoor activities of this type are flag ceremonies, inspections, orderly duty, or ushering service. In any informal indoor activity where no official ceremony is involved, the headgear is removed as when in street clothes."
  7. jimster

    Uniform hat

    The way I was 'taught'... The scout Troop chooses what hat is their 'official' hat, this could be the standard BSA ball cap, a custom ball cap, or any other hat that the troop agrees on. In my day we had the red berets, campaign hats, and aviator style hats. Now they have the Stetson as well. In my Wood Badge class, the 'official' hat was a canvas Aussie style with the fold up sides and custom embroidery with the class number. Anyway ... IF they are wearing the 'official' troop hat, then it is considered part of the uniform and can be worn indoors and during flag ceremonies.
  8. The Arrow of Light is the highest award a Cub Scout can earn, once they cross over - they are Boy Scouts. I do not see how you can while following the program as designed.
  9. "I used to be an Eagle, a good ol' Eagle too, But now I've finished Eagling, I don't know what to do, I'm growing old and feeble and I can Eagle no more, So I'm going to work my ticket if I can Back to GILWELL, happy land! I'm going to work my ticket if I can" Jimster I used to be a Eagle ... C-14-08
  10. I am assisting with our troop's TLT and came across this link on National's site ... http://www.scouting.org/BoyScouts/Resources/newTLT.aspx Troop Leadership Training, No. 34306A, has been rolled out to replace the Scoutmaster Junior Leader Training Kit. It is organized into three one-hour modules, which can be taught individually or all in one session. The content of the first session focuses on what a new leader must know; the second session on what a leader must be, and the third session on what a leader must do. Completing all three modules qualifies the Scout to wear the "Trai
  11. We're looking to upgrade our unit's website ... we used to publish it with FrontPage, but Microsoft has discontinued that product so we are looking for something new. What process or software does your unit use?
  12. Does anyone have an outline format that they use to plan their COH? I am looking for a 'fill in the blanks' type form that the boys can use similar to a Troop Meeting or Campfire planner.
  13. In the recent past (last 1-2 years) the Troop was mainly adult led by a prior SM. Now, the adult leadership is all on the same page that we want boy led, but our boys have not had prior boy leaders model the roles for them and do not have a clue what they should be doing. Several have tried to teach the PLC, we've done TLT, and sne them to NYLT too ... But we are stuck on how to get it out of the rut ... our troop meetings are either adult planned, or choas. How do we get it to morph from what we've had to what we all want?
  14. jimster

    Badge Magic

    I can tell you from experience, don't send your uniform to the dry cleaners the day before the District Awards Dinner, because you will get your uniform back in one bag, and your patches in another! Their website says to use Goof Off (not Goo Gone) and I have used that to some success as well. I was wondering if anyone has found a better way.(This message has been edited by jimster)
  15. jimster

    Badge Magic

    So .... How do YOU get it off the uniform?
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