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  1. Thanks! that is what I thought. just wanted to double check.
  2. Does anyone have a calendar or something that shows when you do your graduatios. ie. from tigers to wolves, and weeblos to boy scouts
  3. thanks for the info about the number of boys. We have 4 active that meet each week. 1 that shows up when he can which is about once a month. And I have 2 Weeblos that will be advancing this summer. I will check with my DC to make sure we have enough at the end of this year.
  4. Thank you to everyone for your input. I have been to roundtables for our district for almost a year now. But sometimes the specifics about such things are not mentioned. Just so you understand. We were a brand new troop and pack as of last year. I have been the troop and pack secretary since we started the committee and have learned a lot in the last year. Since our SM is now working nights and can't make meetings I have filled in for him which looks like its going to be for a long time. We only have 4 active Boy scouts and no MB counselers that I know of. I have scheduled training for m
  5. Can A scout earn a merit badge without having a counselor for that badge? ie. if they get red cross certified for first aid and cpr can that be used as fitting their requirements, if they show they really understood what they learned? And what about the badges that they earn at camp as they have no card signed off on? Any help is great as I am filling in for our SM temporarily but looks like permanetly and am new to all of the rules.
  6. Let me rephrase again. This incident did not happen on school property. My idea was for them to go to the schools and teach others about bulling prevention. My hope was that they might learn a lesson and help others at the same time. When I say that the boys are good boys I MEAN IT. This was a one time incident not an ongoing thing. The boys were roughhousing around and someone got hurt. I want the boys to realize the seriousness of their actions before it escalates. These boys all go to church and are known in the community for being the good kids. I hope this helps. I am just looking
  7. Let me rephrase a little. The boys involved were boyscouts as the bully. It started out as a game but another boy got hurt. These boys are good boys and I know that they did not intend for anyone to get hurt but it happened. My intentions are for them to learn more about bullying and to help others to prevent it, by making a campaign(service project)I hope that we can kick this is the bud as we do not tolerate bullying and will help the boys to grow up.
  8. I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on how to help our troop start an anti-bully project in their school. We had a rather bad incident happen, and along with suspension of some boys, we would like them to learn what bullying can cause and to help others not to become bullies or how to avoid them. Any help is welcomed!
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