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  1. Anyone remember Mallo Cups with the carboard Money?
  2. It is with a great deal of gratitude to my country that I read your well written article. "From sea to shining sea"
  3. Suffice it to say that was a great story!
  4. we were placed in a medical clan.........our lunch was just like the others (minimal) but we were given candy, orange juice etc at lunch also. Our job was in one spot..........in the quartermasters building to repair cots all day.........the clan was driven to the secret OA circle and it was one of the most enjoyable weekends i ever had
  5. Wow, this is really some great feedback from the responders to this post..... I am going to pass this on to our scoutmaster in hopes that he will follow suit and take a more diplomatic approach.......rather than get into a "paper fight". Thank you all very much!
  6. Whenever our scoutmaster cannot make a troop meeting because of work, illness etc. a particular ASM steps in and pushes his weight around to guide the troop mtg......we try to have a boy run troop............This ASM can be very arrogant to the boys and therefore the boys don't care that much for him........This is the only time the ASM "runs" things is when the scoutmaster cannot make the meeting..........When the scoutmaster is there he is rather quiet and does not say much... By the way this ASM was the SM in our troop about 4 years ago left scouting for a while and then came back Ou
  7. Merit Badge Madness as we call it ........is like going to school for the day........MANY pre reqs must be done prior to the event........ Classes are usually an hour apiece with some double sessions or triple sessions( depends on the MB like First Aid.It is an opportunity for some scouts to finish some merit badges........the blue card must be presented at time of registration with the pre reqs signed off Other scouts use the event to start a merit badge knowing that they can finish it with a troop counselor.. All in All Our troop enjoys them......................
  8. I take full responsibility for of all the medical records for our troop....... I have three binders..... 1 for travel with copies of all medical records for the scouts anf the leaders 1 for reference with all the originals of all medical records for scouts and leaders 1 for all scouts and leaders who have left the troop. they are held for three years and then destroyed on the 3rd anniverssary of their departure. Then in Feb or March comes around.........new updates and signatures are obtained.....or new physicals are required depending on the situation I also maintain
  9. That was absolutely beautiful...........thank you for sharing this with the forum.........
  10. I am glad you joined the forum............Scouting is so cool and it only takes an hour a week :)
  11. Our troop is 33 years old and we have 34 Eagles we will add #35 and #36 in February,2006
  12. Well,as the disabilities awareness counselor for our troop... I can only say that this SM (for lack of a more specific phrase) simply mirrors the society at large......Some tend to not want to get involved with SNS. With this in mind...........you may want to get council involved to help see the light; however.sometimes this only makes matters worse. You may see if you have enough support among the troop to serve a "vote of no confidence" He may leave and take his sons with him. Create a meeting among all troop parents to explain your side Find another troop with a SM that
  13. I hope this does not upset you any further: In our Council it costs one dollar to tranfer to another pack. Since your pack does not exist in the eyes of the Boys Scouts of America.........everything he has done does not exist in the Boy Scouts of America However..........You say he had joined in Sept. so thats about four months time.you say you are paid up but if you never chartered where did your money go? How can you transfer from a pack that does not exist????? My suggestion is (and I hope others on the board and double check this) Chalk this up to a life exp
  14. Eternal rest grant unto her o Lord and may the perpetual light shine upon her... through the mercy of God may she rest in peace..........Amen
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