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Scouts with Disabilities

Where parents and scouters go to discuss unique aspects to working with kids with special challenges.


    • The plain truth today is that there is a lack of RETENTION in the Cub program. Many packs only cross a couple of AOL's to Scouts because they only have a couple. My kids were in about the time that Tigers came out. Tiger uniform was a T shirt with iron ons for things they accomplished. Those kids wanted to become Wolf Cubs and get that blue uniform with all the patches. Keeping the program exciting at each stage as well as growing and more challenging is a key. We actually GREW in the higher ages as friends/buddies heard what we were doing and asked to join or were recruited. The program is awesome but the unit leaders need to be trained and supported in getting it delivered. Parents need to be engaged! Scouting should not be a weak or lackluster program. 
    • In my humble opinion, the BSA is too administration and "change" focused.  It needs to return to its roots, getting Scouts in the outdoors, and investing in quality programs, facilities, and volunteers.   BSA is too focused on becoming what it never was in order to please those who have long sought to destroy it.  What the BSA is.... chartered volunteer-run troops utilizing the outdoors to teach youth timeless American values about duty to God and Country.
    • Every Rhode Islander owns a significant fraction of the state!!  😅🤣😂😇 Narragansett Council encompasses what was once upon a time the Massasoit Council (itself the result of several mergers), my original council.  It has been absorbed several times over the last six decades.  My first scout camping experience was at Camp Noquochoke, which closed down a little more than 40 years ago.
    • Are you sure about that? I know the Narragansett tribe once did. 
    • Today I learned that Narragansett Council owned a significant fraction of the State of Rhode Island.
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