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    • That's very much the expectation of the idea. Our boys will be treated as kids from any other faith or organization after 2019, and we welcome council and district efforts to recruit from our families in the future. But the restored Church of Jesus Christ has been a global religion for many years now (as our new Temple complex in Rome demonstrates), so our leaders have to be mindful of its membership all over the world, and notices like the ones mentioned are necessary in order to keep policies and doctrine consistent.  But as mentioned, it has nothing to do with being "friendly" or not. It's simply about using the appropriate means and venues to promote Scouting in the future. It should regularly reiterated that the Church still supports Scouting, even if it will no longer sponsor it. Now we're just defining the terms, procedures and limitations for moving forward. 
    • I really like this way of thinking of the process.  It’s excellent shorthand for the mental model and process, and will really help with explaining it to people! I wonder if there’s a way to extend the idea into some kind of inter-patrol competition.  Or maybe better, to do something simultaneously that functions as a “scout values” inter-patrol competition, so that you get the benefits of patrol -members working to support each-other to “win”.    What I've been trying to come up with in the inter-patrol arena, are things like awarding ribbons to hang on their patrol flag for “good deeds, and then letting them “buy” rewards by turning in some number of ribbons.  “Rewards” in this context being things like them getting to pick a desert for the adults to cook for the troop, or camping/cooking supplies for their patrol box. the ribbons idea though doesn’t work if the scouts are doing the giving out ribbons, because they don’t want to give another patrol a leg-up at winning.  Somehow that needs to be offset so that both the giving patrol and receiving patrol are rewarded.  Maybe 2-part ribbons that get separated and half kept, half given out (friendship-necklace style)?  Any thoughts? Will    
    • Does that mean I get to down-vote you, David CO? 😉
    • Agreed. I posed the questions to have us remember to not steal an opportunity away from the scouts in an effort to be more efficient. What we do as adults should not replace the scouts' responsibilities.
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