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    • We've found that the adults have to identify their available weekends. The scouts usually pick familiar locations, and we try to add one or two novel ones for them to consider. In general they are open to one in four of our suggestions. We're pretty flexible. If scouts come up with something mid term, we'll try to add it to the calendar, maybe swapping out something they weren't that enthused about.
    • I gotta admit.  If I were going to PTC for a course, staying in the deluxe tents doesn't sound so bad.  Nicer beds, better sheets - sounds good to me.
    • Campers and staff at Camp Somers, a Boy Scout camp on the Mt. Allamuchy Scout Reservation in Byram, NJ between June 23 and Aug. 7 may have been exposed to Hepatitis A, officials said. Campers who visited the health center the week of Aug. 4 are at an increased risk of exposure. Health officials say that a worker at Camp Somers was diagnosed with Hepatitis A, prompting concern that children or other attendees may have been exposed to the rare and highly contagious virus. Anyone who might have been exposed is advised to monitor their symptoms; those who visited the health center are advised to get the hepatitis A vaccine, officials said. Hepatitis A is a liver disease, which can cause fever, stomach pain, dark yellow urine, and jaundice. Most people recover on their own within a few weeks, but it can be serious in some people. It is highly contagious among people who have not been vaccinated. https://patch.com/new-jersey/longvalley/campers-north-jersey-camp-exposed-hepatitis https://www.nj.com/healthfit/2019/08/children-possibly-exposed-to-hepatitis-a-by-worker-at-nj-camp.html
    • Mr Bourleon, considering you probably stayed in the Villa itself, that’s a good thing.  People need to understand PTC tents were always the large version... 11x14, with power and a GI metal rack with a decent mattress. Adding a front porch isn’t that much...
    • @John-in-KC should probably worry, because I'm totally aligned with him on his last comment.    It really would be good to understand what is being offered before you comment.    My kiddos really enjoyed the training center family program, including the excursions into the backcountry and the living history of the area.     I would certainly recommend taking advantage of the Family Adventure Camp next summer if you and your family need to get away.  You don't have to take a class, you can just enjoy the programs offered.   
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