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Need ides for Scout Roundtables... HELP !!

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  • Need ides for Scout Roundtables... HELP !!

    I am trying to help out with District Scoutmaster Roundtable, and need topics, ideas, types of speakers to invite, ect. ect...

    Any ideas of what SM's and ASM's would like to hear, see, or do at the Scout Roundtable... our's is barely attended I think do to it being considered boring, or not relevant...(This message has been edited by westcoastscouter)

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    You mean Patrol Leaders Council? Or District Roundtable?


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      Disrict Scoutmaster RT.


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        I believe he means BoyScout District Roundtable vice CubScout District Roundtable.

        As for topics, you have ALL the items in the Three (3) volumes of "Program Features". the Boys Scouts do have a themes and they repeat about every three years as I recall. Ask the attendees what THAY would like. Expect "deer in the headlights" looks.

        Good Luck.

        My $0.02.



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          Here's a start:

          And this:

          But then you knew that....


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            I think any group that runs on Volunteer Power can use training occassionally on "recruiting, valueing, and retaining volunteers". There is a real talent and art to this.

            If you can find an expert from outside of scouting (perhaps someone in the non-prof management field) all the better, pair them up to talk in conjunction with a leader from a unit that does this well (if you have one).

            -- AK


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              I particularly like the inclusion of a safety minute.....


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                Have some time for open discussions from the group -
                Where did you camp last month?
                How was the camp site? What was there to do there?
                What are your troop plans for this month?
                How do you fund raise?
                What Hi Adventure activities are you planning?

                A true round table discussion

                And don't treat me like an eleven year old tenderfoot. No worksheets, lectures, etc.