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Merit badge sash questions

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  • Merit badge sash questions

    My oldest son is a Life rank. He has 43 merit badges. We got his sash in the tall length and now it's nearly full. He still has 5 eagle required to get put on. Once it is full on the front where are we to put the ones he earns until he turns 18. He is trying to earn all the STEM related ones as his goal (and earn an Eagle). Haven't found any advice online that's been helpful

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    Congratulations on such an ambitious son!

    Merit badges may be sewn on the front and the back of the sash. He may sew them on in any order he chooses. Also if he wants to display some of his favorite scouting activities, he may sew patches from those on the back of the sash -- if there is any room left on the sash!

    (Meanwhile you should sit back and enjoy a nice cup of mulled cider.)


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      Someday, I envision a scout wearing a cape containing 120+ merit badges with a Schiff Reservation patch in center, after all that is what the S means.


      • Bando
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        I saw a kid at Jamboree that National was honoring one morning at the flag raising who had earned every single merit badge. Kid had a homemade, double-wide merit badge sash filled front and back. I think it was five or six badges across in each row. Personally, I would have gone the cape route.

      • King Ding Dong
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        Lenticular merit badges could be another option.

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      Thanks! Band and scouting are his 'sports'. I'm glad he is involved in something worthwhile and not video gaming his teen years away


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        He can also wear up to 6 in two columns above the right cuff on a long sleeve uniform shirt.


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          Originally posted by Scouter99 View Post
          He can also wear up to 6 in two columns above the right cuff on a long sleeve uniform shirt.
          I believe that is up to the 6th One, after they earn 7th they all are move to Sash
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          Multiple sashes....


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            Only 1 sash can be worn


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              ""Only 1 sash can be worn""

              Officially true, but one could pick a sash du jour to wear as one wanted, and display the other hanging in the home picture window...


              • gsdad
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                Wear them on opposing sides like bandoliers.

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              Attach loops to the top of the MB and layer them so those interested can flip up the upper ones to see the lower ones.

              The requirements say they have to be ON the sash, doesn't say HOW they are to be fastened.