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Merit badges on sleeves

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  • Merit badges on sleeves

    I was doing some digging about this as my son would like to reserve his long sleeve shirt for formal occasions and this purpose. The only thing I found in the U/I Guide was that there is a limit of 6 in columns of 2, but nothing else.

    I have a parent telling me that Black Eagle's website is correct, that after six merit badges earned, the boy must never wear MBs on the sleeve again, as they all go on the sash.

    Anything official out there I'm missing?

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    While Black Eagle is a volunteer and not an official source, he does indeed have a good grasp of Uniforming regs and history. But is not always 100% correct. I've contacted him about his error in when the World Crest's requirements were rescinded and allowed for everyone to wear it. However he is still posting 1991, not 1989,and others are citing him and his incorrect information.

    Online IG found here
    states that

    Merit Badges on Required List for Eagle
    Cloth badges with silver border, Boy Scout, right sleeve, position 4 limited to six, merit badge sash no limit [bold for emphasis]. See list of merit badges for specific number.

    and this

    Optional Merit Badges

    Cloth badges with green border, Boy Scout, right sleeve, position 4 limited to six, merit badge sash no limit. See accompanying list of merit badges for specific number.


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      Does that mean he can have 6 required and 6 optional merit badges on his sleeve? I really which they were not so ambiguous...

      I believe the intent is 6 in total, but why would they seperate it unless they meant to allow 6 of each?


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        good question. The wording is pretty poor. Looking at historical records, and the diagram in the IG, and it's provided on the url I provided, only 6 total MBs were worn on the sleeve.


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          Yeah, I took it to mean 6 total.

          Thanks for the backup.


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            Yes, up to 6 may be worn on the sleeve. Any more than 6 need to go on the sash.


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              Right, I realize that, but I was looking for documentation to show, as the uniform police say it's a no-no.


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                The documentation was posted in Eagle92's first response. Just click on it.


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                  What kind of documentation are you looking for? We must be missing something here. What - exactly - are you trying to clarify?

                  The BSA Insignia Guide is very clear that the number of merit badges allowed to be worn on the right sleeve of the BSA Boy Scout long sleeve shirt is LIMITED TO 6. Any over that number must be worn on the Merit Badge sash which has no limit on the number allowed to to attached to it.


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                    Eagle provided what I was looking for, I wasn't just looking for statements of fact, thanks