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Official Troop Summer Camp Photo - Opt Out??

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  • Official Troop Summer Camp Photo - Opt Out??

    Around here, some troops want to say No Thanks to the customary Sunday afternoon troop summer camp photo. Those troops feel they take better, less expensive photos themselves, other concerns are that photographers only offer prints not jpg's, and then there is the time bottleneck. Camps have claimed this is mandatory due to their contract with photographer and what happens if a scout and his family change their mind and want a photo.

    So should troops be allowed to opt-out of the official summer camp photo and proceed directly to the next camp check-in stop?
    Sure. They already allow that here
    Yes. Troops take their own photos already.

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    Find a camp that doesn't do pictures and one has the problem solved.

    No one should be forced to do the pictures and the more troops back out the more the camp will realize this is not a priority for troops anymore. If it is, they simply take their own



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      Should be another voting option. Like "Never heard of this before.".

      Glad our camps don't do it. Only had it happen once at Sea Base. And it was a staffer and it went really quick.

      Phones and consumer cameras are very good these days. We take our troop photos ourselves during one of the morning in-camp flags before breakfast. Plus people are already pestered with enough ways to spend / waste money. While it is "nice", camps already have enough bottle necks with health form checks, swim checks, beach talks, safety talks, bear talks, etc, etc etc. If I was a kid and just sat through a two+ hour drive to summer camp, I'd want to just get moving.


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        Camps take pictures?


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          We always took our own photos, even before digital. One less thing to worry about during check-in.


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            I hope the "Camp Picture" is optional, not required (included in the fees? Oh yeah?). Troop can always take the picture they want..... And there are some folks that do not want to be in ANY picture (child protection, religious reasons, ID theft, who knows...).

            Our CSDC had two families (out of 200) that DID NOT want their child photo'ed anywhere. We had to put a sticky tag on the Cubs to ID them for the Den Walkers.


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              We do our own on check in day while the uniforms are fresh and we have time.


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                we have the option. Can do or opt out. We do and then it's up to the parents if they want to buy or not. Last year and what I think this year will be I'm not a fan of as they are just separate pictures as in 5x7 of troop and 5x7 of indiv. prior years we got like what most sport leagues do where you get an 8x10 with big picture of troop and smaller picture of indiv with the year and camp name on it - much nicer and worth the money


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                  Mandatory photo? Exactly how do they enforce that? I'm assuming this is a for-profit deal like school photos.

                  Our camp takes a troop photo at check-in then GIVES us a cd with a copy of the photo. Of course while the camp staffer is taking it, we have a half-dozen parents either side of him taking their own.

                  Who wants to bet that at the end of the money trail the council is getting a cut. Tell them to take their contract and pound sand.


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                    Our local camps never forced anyone to take a group picture.....or even offered to take one


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                      "Mandatory" or "forced" wouldn't be the the Scout Way, rather a camp rule such as wearing the scout uniform to camp or to dinner.

                      One 99+deg Sunday, my scouts chose to wear their Class B's (performance shirts) for the camp picture what a commotion that caused.


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                        Our camp takes a photo at check-in. It's part of the process and the Troop gets an 8x10 at the end of the week. You can pay them for more if you want, a nominal fee not really a profit maker. They do sell a CD that they try to make a few bucks on.

                        I'm sure we could opt out if we wanted to but I don't think it would get us to the site any faster, maybe a few minutes, it's the last thing that is done before the site guide hikes back with us.

                        I suppose it also provides, if necessary in an emergency, a head shot photo of virtually every scout in camp.


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                          Rereading the post, Schiff, are you talking about a bunch of individual pictures of each scout like a school picture or just a quick group shot?


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                            Troop photo with a scout or two holding a ubiquitous, editable handheld sign. "SPL in center back, adults on ends."

                            Camp Runamuck
                            Troop 100


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                              We get a complementary photo extras cost