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Part of What Green Bar Bill believed

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  • Part of What Green Bar Bill believed

    From Nelson Block's short biography on Green Bar Bill. Our current pro's might take note, as well as ourselves.

    "Throughout his work with the national office, Bill maintained his dogged effort to see that material was thoroughly researched, well-organized and invitingly presented. Boys and leaders must be taught Scoutcraft that worked. The national staff must set an example in living up to the standards they proposed others live by. Those who did not measure up were in for a discussion with Bill. Even if it was the Chief Scout Executive."

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    Thanks for mentioning that. I was unable to find it earlier in a search for information about Bill. Good quote. We would all be better Scouters if we followed Bill's advice.


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      Priority on scoutcraft? Quality research, organization and presentation? National staff living up to the same standards? Holding people accountable--even the CSE?

      How times have changed in the BSA...and not for the better.

      Small wonder that GB Bill is persona non grata at the National Scouting Museum:


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        One of the guys I went through PDL-1 with was a "re-tread," someone who left professional scouting and returned. He was a hoot because he left Scouting to work for another non-profit that has/had a close relationship with BSA, and he seemed to know everyone at national because of the other non-profit and previous expereince.

        Anyway, one of the things he talked about was when professional training was at Schiff and you camped during the entire time.


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          Eagle92, now that you mention it, you may recall the last page in the second edition of the Fieldbook...a photo of Schiff--majestic building, deep forest--and a well reasoned pitch to the reader to become a scouting professional. (I'm going from memory, I'm overseas and no access to my library.)

          On of my treasured scout possessions is a Schiff training patch, given to me by a respected DE who went to Schiff for his prof training. He was in one of the last classes there. Great scouter, this DE, and he reminds me of the scouter you mentioned.


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            Eagle92 writes: "Anyway, one of the things he talked about was when professional training was at Schiff and you camped during the entire time."

            Be very wary of anything else he told you because that is just not true. There never was a time when professionals camped during their training at Schiff. The JLITC boys did, the Woodbadgers did, but the professionals always stayed in the little houses built on the property. During my time at Schiff (1970), there was no professional camping at all. The NTS guys in the early days may have had a day or two, but they lived in buildings.


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              National is quite selective of what founding fathers, and key figures from scoutings history, they put on display these days. Not only has William Hillcourt's influance on the growing organization been downplayed, but Seaton is being swept under the rug, and Dan Beard trivilized. Without Beard and Seaton scouting would be of thing of the classroom, not the outdoors.


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                All in the effort to take the outing out of Scouting, again.


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                  Alas, Scouting is often a "thing of the classroom" in this lesser age.

                  And the literature is often an embarassment. It is as if they were writting in French (Scouting) but none of them speak or write (Scouting). So we get many badly-written materials that have internal inconsistencies and outright errors. And if one points out the "issues," however politely? You get silence, brush-offs, and no action. Feedback is NOT accepted as a gift. These are just not, taken as a group and with individual exceptions, particulaly impressive folks.

                  HERE . NewBoyScoutParents.aspx


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                    Thank you for the link. Never would have found it on purpose. Perhaps there is hope for the BSA after all.


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                      Worked before test.


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                        I have been to the National Scout Museum several times and have never seen Green Bar Bill mentioned or displayed. That just seems wierd and a shame. He must have really "hacked" off the wrong people.


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                          I was fortunate to be a guest one evening in 1992 at the Murray BSA museum site. The dinner's guest of Honor was Green Bar Bill. Just 6 months before he died. I'll never forget that amazing evening with a spry 92 year old William Hillcourt.