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Summer Camp UK style (AKA a shameless plug)

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  • Summer Camp UK style (AKA a shameless plug)

    Hello folks

    So with my group still not having a proper website (eventually we will) we've made out first foray onto Youtube with this production - Summer Camp - The (ahem) Full Motion Picture.

    If you've ever wondered what I actually look like, that's me at 4.05 on the left. Enjoy!

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    Thanks 'Skip,

    1. I think I will share this with my crew.
    2. You post older and wiser than you look!
    3. Love the falconry!


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      The music was great too!


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        Great stuff!
        It would be great if the BSA were to go co-ed.


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          Qwazse - You're very kind! That was taken at a kind angle and doesn't show the hair retreating around my temples..... The falconry was great, the site is 30 mins hike from a birds of prey rescue centre so the two places have a great relationship.

          Packsaddle - it;s an oldie but a goodie that track. Did Republica ever make it to the USA? They were huge over here in the 1990s.

          Eamon - One day maybe! There were many in the UK who were very anti before the change, nearly all are total converts now. We have a great bunch of girls.


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            Sorry Skip, you're asking me - as far as music since the 1970s is concerned, I'm completely clueless. I spent last night listening to opera. Tonight I'm thinking in terms of a ballet, maybe Khachaturian's Spartacus and Phrygia, I really like that one. The adagio is indescribably beautiful.
            But whatever that was in your video, I liked that too.


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              Co-ed and all! Love it.Happy faces all around.


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                Co-ed and all! Love it.Happy faces all around.


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                  (This message has been edited by ramblinrosey)


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                    Co-Ed....I love it!

                    and the helmets for sailing.... Makes me think of the boy at my summer camp years ago, no helmets, and yes, somebody was knocked out nicely.....

                    It looks like you have a beautiful place for your camp. Looks like the water is too cold though.


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                      I watched it too. I liked it--I wish we were co-ed (maybe). Looked like fun.


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                        Thanks, Skip! I think the co-ed thing would be great for the BSA, too. Everyone in the photos seemed to be getting along quite well and they were all participating and helping each other. I like cooperation.

                        As for Republica, I loved that song! Hadn't heard it since the mid-90s, though, as you mentioned. At least that song made it to the States.


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                          It certainly is a stunning location. If you're not familiar with UK geography Northumberland is on the England-Scotland border, one of the most sparsely populated areas of the country. The lake is Kielder water, the largest man made lake in the UK and might even be in Europe. It's about 40m deep so yes, the water is pretty chilly! The site itself is one of the 8(ish) sites run at a national level so is one of the UKs flagship sites. Most camp sites are run at county level (equivalent of your scout council??)

                          As it happens while we were there was also a non scout youth group there who were surprised to see girls in scouts. Word still hasn't properly got round in this country either!

                          Only thing to note from my perspective on the coed front is that for the second year running young love blossomed during summer camp. It was nauseatingly cute to see two 12 year olds tip toe around each other with not much clue about what to do. Awwwww.....