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Journey to Excellence "Campout"

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  • Journey to Excellence "Campout"

    Putting aside what I think, what I thought I "knew" and why, what is a "weekend campout" for purposes of the requirements for Journey to Excellence?

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    It's what a troop or crew that could care less about JTE does for a weekend every month or so.

    Seriously, if you're wasting time splitting hairs over the definition (or how someone else is using it) give it to a youth in your unit to fill out for you.


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      We don't fill out the JTE form but maybe we should give it to the PLC and let them do it.
      My guess is it wouldn't get done.


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        Remember Cabins do not count as camping??????


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          Actually, we had one of the helicopter moms on the committee propose one last year. Her idea for one campout where the boys could focus on advancement so we could meet the goal of every Scout advancing one rank a year. While Scouts are working on advancement and I conduct conferences at almost every campout, the idea was this would be the focus of the campout. In her opinion, on "regular" campouts, the boys get destracted by the other activities and often forget to ask for conferences or get requirements signed, which is true.

          Don't recall what we did that weekend, but it was NOT focused on advancement or JTE.


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            I do give it to my crew officers to complete. It is a good reflection tool.

            Haven't looked at the troop version in detail, but I'm sure a PLC of older boys could work with it. A younger group might think it's a "to do" list or maybe a test or just another trick to get them to sell more popcorn. They would need your guidance to keep it from overwhelming them.


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              Earlier this year, the district was giving a big push to turn in the goal sheet for the troop's journey to excellence. They made a big deal out of having the PLC being involved, so I decided to give it to the youth and ask them to fill it out.

              We haven't had a problem meeting the form's gold standard and I anticipate the same results this year. However, the boys had lower expectations and set our sights on silver. I got a chuckle out of putting a note on the form that our unit had lowered it's goals based on input from the youth. I am sure that made some commissioner pucker up when he read it!


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                1. Snarky remarks? How Scout-like.

                2. Anyone who actually knows what the corporation means? (Yes, we all have our ideas.)


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                  Just looked at the troop score card for 2012. Not bad. Pity there isin't a line for the SPL's signature.

                  Can't find where it mentions "the corporation"?


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                    Oops. Double post.(This message has been edited by Qwazse)


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                      It wouldn't bother me.

                      In my view, JTE is a management tool that units can use to set goals and monitor the achievement of those goals.

                      It's not a UC's job to set those goals.


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                        ISSUE: Is an overnight stay in a heated cabin a "campout." (As regards which, are the requiremens for the Camping Merit Badge authority of any kind for defi9ning "campout"?)

                        The "corporation" is The Boy Scouts of America, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

                        All the frantic interest is coming from adults who want to sure "they" win "Gold."


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                          From the FAQ on the JTE website

                 FWIW. I'd interpret that to say if your cabin camp was a troop outing then count it.


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                            Walk into to your next committee meeting (or where ever the JTE bean counters meet), collect all the score sheets and light them on fire.

                            This is what is referred to as "effective communications."


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                              Thank you, dcsimmons.