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    Shag, I lived through the 60's so drug use does not shock me much. But if you are at a place where you cannot go one weekend without a few hits, snorts, or whatever. Then I'm with 'ol Qwazse, scouting punishments are the least of your worries


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      Getting high on weed while camping is the same as getting drunk while camping.

      Don't want you near the fire, stove or lantern.
      Don't want to see an axe or a knife in your hand.
      Can't trust you to wander off in the woods to take a nature call; you might forget your way back.

      Certainly don't want you climbing, rappelling, canoeing, shooting or any other high adventure activity.

      Our troop will not be responsible for you if you're high or drunk.
      Do that stuff in the safety of your home.


      • GeorgiaMom
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        What JoeBob said plus one more:

        "stay away from my son!"

        Georgia Mom

      • Basementdweller
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        GM,You just make me laugh......

        Tuck your head back in the sand it will be alright.

        So whats gonna happen when your poor little over protected boy and girl go off to college?????? makes me chuckle thinking about it.
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      What is scout about I've been in the program over 20 years. I know right from wrong just trying to help out of trouble boy. I think the program is a good thing for him.


      • Basementdweller
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        How many boys are willing to lose trying to save one????

        Who says he even wants to be saved?????

      • qwazse
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        Thanks for more details. Talk to your scout executive as soon as possible. There may be resources out there, and he/she should be in a position to know about them.

        Also, a seasoned exec will put you in touch with seasoned leaders to help you think through what's best for the boy and the troop.

        Also, scouting doesn't stop in the juvenile justice system. Hopefully your scout will not face that. But, there are opportunities for him to keep working the program in juvy.

      • Sentinel947
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        This goes beyond Scouting. We don't know your relationship to the Scout. Parent? Scoutmaster? Concerned Adult? Regardless you are ideally placed to help this young man who sorely needs help.

        His status in Scouting needs to take a backseat to making sure he gets the help he needs dealing with substances. His parents need to be brought in if you aren't one. As Qwazse said, going to the Scout Executive on this issue isn't a bad idea if your unit needs help.

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      The Oath and Law are intended to become part of the boy's entire life, not just his Scouting experience. If the boy is tokin' up it doesn't make a bit of difference whether it be at a scout event or his bedroom.

      A SMC to address the issue as an illegal activity is needed and if he doesn't get help, you will need to report it to the proper authorities. Otherwise, when the boy gets caught and hauled into court, they are going to put you on the hot-seat and question you about why you turned a blind eye. If the boy was bullying others, you would do something about it. If the boy was abusing others, you would do something about it. If he's stealing, you would do something about it. But if he tokes up, no big deal, just look the other way. Sorry, I don't buy that program as acceptable. It is not up to the scout leadership to determine that, that's a legal issue that needs to be and will eventually be addressed by the authorities. It just depends on whether or not YOU want to get caught up in the aiding/abetting net.

      Sorry, after 40 years of working with youth, I don't turn my back on any child that needs help and turning a blind eye is not helping this boy. And I have been in the youth business for 40 years and I'm still around because I don't turn a blind eye. YPT is there to protect the boy from himself as well as others.

      This all might sound kinda harsh, but if I care about the boy, I'll be the first to do something about it. I think it's written somewhere: "Help other people at all times...." If not, it should be.



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        The only thing that would make this thread any better is if shaggzzz told us he was a life scout waiting on his board of review.


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          Originally posted by shaggzzzz View Post
          what are the consequences of a boy on a scouting event caught smoking weed. No I'm not that boy. I'm a adult leader I'm a Eagle Scout. I just ran into this problem this week. The kid comes from a broken home just trying to help him out to stay in Scouting
          I'm in agreement with the folks that have advised you to sit down with the boy, explain your concern, explain that it's unacceptable, and explain the punishment that you decide on. Given the home situation, maybe the answer is not to send him packing, I don't know. If he was involving other boys, then he has to go away at least for a little while.

          For me, it's situational. If this were some bored entitled kid then I'd kick him to the curb. If he was involving other boys, there have to be serious consequences. And whatever the situation, the other boys need to know that it's not acceptable and that some kind of punishment happened. As for some who've mentioned the cops, meh, it's going to take some serious dealing or partying before I get the police involved.