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  • New BSA Fieldbook

    I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to collecting BSA handbooks, fieldbooks, and old merit badge pamphlets. So when the new Fieldbook came out I bought it right away not having looked through it. While the information is still good, the presentation is very digested into small chunks. I like how the older editions read like a book with illustrations throughout. The new edition doesn't hold my attention and, ironically, I think it's written to keep younger readers invested. Has anyone else skimmed through the new edition?

    My favorite edition is still Hillcourt's Field Book from the 1940s. I love the activities that he proposes at the end of each chapter. Ok, so you've read the chapter now let's see you put it into practice!


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    Was at the scout shop yesterday and skimmed it. It did not seem "head and shoulders" better than the last edition, so no purchase made.


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      I have not gotten it...yet. But I will, even with that caveat. Really liked the last one.


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        Like the overall format, especially the specific references to other chapters related to something. The first chapter is a really good refresher for most important hiking and outdoor skills; but it leaves the details to more in depth sections. Generally a very good book. Would agree that it still is not on the same level as the original in much of its content. The 1944 edition was even used by the military for training and reference.


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          I bought the latest edition of the Fieldbook, simply because it seemed like a much better book than the last edition. (A little excessive on the LNT principles IMO).

          I have to agree that I much prefer the older Fieldbooks. I still have my fieldbook from the '70s. I like how there were photos or illustrations to go along with the material being presented.

          BSA would do well to utilize that approach with any new edition of the Fieldbook.


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            I liked the last field book OK. Especially since I got it for $4 marked down. A Scout is Thrifty.


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              Originally posted by LeCastor View Post
              I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to collecting BSA handbooks, fieldbooks,.
              Same, but $20? Yikes. I'll buy it for $5 in 15 years :P


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                One of my former scouts went to an auction about a week ago, and was able to make the winning bid on a box of old timey scout stuff.
                Among the old rank patches and the black on red patrol patches, he had a Fieldbook from the 1960's.
                I offered him $25.00 for the book, on the spot!
                He didn't budge - good for him