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Coming to terms with my son's troop choice

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    I want to apologize if I ranted a little in my posts on this thread. Dedked's situation is very similar to the one that I'm in, and it has been extremely frustrating for me to see the troop start failing. I helped get some of the original leaders trained when the troop was started. I've worked with the old SM when he was having challenges with the troop getting started. I've camped with them, worked with their Scouts as an MBC, etc. etc. I admit I took my oldest son to their feeder pack first not only b/c the pack was extremely active, but also because they did have a good relationship with the troop, and I really wanted him in that troop because they were a boy-run, hiking and camping troop. They reminded me a lot of my troop growing up.

    And if I got a bit defensive, please forgive me. There was a very public facebook incident on our council's facebook page in regards to not having enough training available for this unit that hit a nerve with me. SM was complaining that SM specific and IOLS are only offered by our district once a year, that the dates are inconvenient for folks, and that leaders shouldn't have to travel to another district over 10 minutes away to get training they need. That hit a sore spot because I organized an IOLS class specifically for that troop, using their own calendar to schedule it, only to have 1 leader show up from the troop, with the excuse that "it's too cold to camp." When I tried to tell him what is involved in in organizing these courses, and how in my metro sized council growing up the course were only offered twice a year by clusters of districts instead of every district doing their own (so in my council there are 9 opportunities to do IOLS a year) he said it shouldn't matter, and if we needed to bring in outside folks to do the training, then we need to do it.

    As you can imagine, this is a very raw, sore point still for me.