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    Says I don't ?


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      vol·un·teer: a person who does work without getting paid to do it

      Committee members are registered members and Volunteers
      again Good Sir Have a Nice Day


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        Our pack pays for the adults dues. The philosophy from before my time is that we aren't going to ask somebody to pay to do work.

        It's relatively small money and I think we all can afford to pay, but it is nice. Especially when i'm already begging somebody up to take on a job. It's awkward enough hitting the parents up for the pack and national dues and fees..... then telling them they need to go spend $100+ for a uniform.

        Yesterday, our committee met (I wasn't able to attend) and decided that we should pay leaders dues for University of Scouting coming up soon. personally, I think that's ridiculous, but since they decided I'll submit my receipt. I've bought enough other little things for the pack and den along the way that I just figured was my contribution to "help the pack go". I'm learning that some of these folks don't spend a nickel beyond the pack dues for their sons.

        Whatever.... that's ok by me. I'll continue to NOT ask for reimbursements for everything I do.....


        • moosetracker
          moosetracker commented
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          My old unit would pay for your training costs.. I rarely thought about going through the process of being reimbursed.

          At least it sound like your committee voted to reimburse rather then pay for it up front. We had to do that somewhere down the line, when the unit agreed to pay, so people signed up without thought, then didn't bother to attend.. People didn't have to think too hard if they had the free time, and/or on the day just didn't feel like it.. And it wasn't their wasted buck, so they didn't care.. It ended up as totally wasted money for the unit.. Rule got changed real quick, to not get burned a second time.

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        I like the idea of a unit paying for training (even if they don't cover adult dues). Encourages training, which should reap benefits in the unit.


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          Mr. Texas,

          Not sure why you're having an issue with this. Volunteers don't get paid. Correct. PLUS even more so, volunteers often pay to go on camp outs and also cover many incidental expenses. How about gas money and their car use for a multi-hour drive.

          But to then go and ask them to pay BSA dues is beyond basic courtesy. For I bet 90+ percent of the troops and packs, the scouts and the unit fundraisers pay for the adult registrations.

          The real issue is when does someone become a committee member? Every parent that shows up? Only if you help? Help at how many events? What type of event? i.e. If you have a parent pickup the pizza for a Christmas party, does he have to register?

          IMHO, committee members are the people you choose to call committee members.

          The real big trouble is small mindedness that blows off this issue. The dues increase is a huge issue and messes up our finances. In my two units, we are dropping 6+ adults at least if not more.

          Remember --- Individuals do not recharter themselves. The unit recharters them and the unit writes the check.

          In the last 10 or 12 years, it has gone from $9 per person to $24. That is a big increase. A 50 member unit was rechartering for $500. Now they need to spend $1200. That is a new trailer every four years. That is all the advancements plus some for a year.

          We are dropping as many adult volunteers as possible to save funds too. They are still there, but we will keep the funds. They key is we are registering direct contact leaders (SM, ASM). Non-direct are not registered if possible.
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          • JoeBob
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            Fred: We are doing exactly what you are doing.

            But you explained it much better than I. Thanks.

          • dedkad
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            We are registering our treasurer too to make sure there isn't any embezzlement history.

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          One thing I suggest for all units who have routinely been picking up the tab on Adult Leader Registration and are now thinking of dropping some of their adult leaders from the roster to cut cost.. Let those you are planning to drop know that is what you are doing. They may have a reason they want to stay registered, give them the option to pay for it if they wish.

          I know when I was in the Pack, they paid my registration one or two years, then dropped me off the charter without informing me.. When I went to the troop with my son, I said I had x amount of years in scouting and it was a $1 transfer.. I was shocked to find out that they had dropped me.. Had I known I would have paid for it myself (that was about 15 years back so dues was a lot lower then). It is just common courtesy to inform them so they can make an informed decision.


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            Well yall do it your way I'll do it my way.
            I pay my own way in order to Volunteer.
            I buy my own food to cook and share at Campouts, I buy my Own Equipment. I pay for my own training when I feel it is necessary to Train. I got all the free online Stuff.

            a Base due of $2.00 a Month ain't gonna break me....