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The idiots running this jamboree

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    This is the feedback from scout son.

    haven't spoken voice, he txt's and sends pictures.........

    Heck he had to wait an hour on his bus for his day of service.

    The only place he didn't comment on the wait was white water rafting and the cloud.

    He gave up on the trading posts, I suggested that maybe we can get some stuff on clearance in a couple of months.

    He is really disappointed that the zip lines are so long......I suggested leaving camp extra early to get a better spot and shorter wait.


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      Mark Knoller@markknoller2h
      Pres Obama back at WH after nearly 5 hour round of golf in mid-90s heat. Is that fun?

      Really appreciated the King of Sweden, Mike Rowe and the performers. Great show


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        Originally posted by Basementdweller View Post
        Explain to me again why the scouts need to sit in the Arena for 1.5 hours before the show starts??????

        Because you can't seat 40,000 people in 15 minutes.


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          I call BS they seat 125,000 at the college football stadium in less than 1.5 hours. Then they clear it in less than an hour


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            Does anybody know anything about the "Day of Service" at the Jambo?

            I saw a Facebook posting from a young man who wasn't overly thrilled about the bus ride for the DoS.

            It struck me that if every scout at the Jambo is to participate if DoS, over ten days, thats 3000 scouts per day! Is there enough work available to keep 3000 kids occupied every day? What type(s) of service are they doing? It seems like a logistical nightmare.


            • King Ding Dong
              King Ding Dong commented
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              My revoke eagle comment was in jest. I was also unaware the day of service was sprung on them.

            • Basementdweller
              Basementdweller commented
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              They need a lecture on selfless service and leading by example.

              In my book they are punks.....

              Sure the day of service was added.....But the thought that they are above doing service is against what they shrived to earn....

              I can't imagine saying no.......

              The SM viewed it as a black eye for the troop....These were the same fellows who complete the SM's NYLT course and then did not volunteer for leadership positions in the Jambo Troop. Seeing a trend here.

              The Selfish Eagle.

            • Twocubdad
              Twocubdad commented
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              I heard the day of service mentioned during the presentations on the Summit at the LAST jamboree -- three years ago. Of course that doesn't mean it was commonly know or communicated well.....

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            I am guessing that it was being a good new neighbor thing........

            Cause honestly......the boys bus in.....have fun bus out......The local community would only see buses and diesel fumes.......

            So who benefits locally, the local mcdonalds, the port a john guy......The few guys employed mowing grass and maintaining the grounds....

            Most of the climbing guys and skill specialist won't be locals. But paid staff from elsewhere.

            How soon before they resent our presence?????

            Bunch of rich boys coming in and taking advantage of the local geographic features then leaving.......

            So is the day of mandatory service going to be required for the summer high adventure program?????

            I went to philmont and did trail construction as a youth.....but it wasn't a full day and it benefited the base.....


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              Ok so who else received the email from scouting and the west virginia department of heath?????

              "....... in the unlikely event that you become ill, please report your attendance at the Jamboree to your healthcare provider".

              Hmmm wonder why my lad was exposed too?????

              Just curious


              • King Ding Dong
                King Ding Dong commented
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                They probably just figured out there were a few gay scouts that attended and are now getting their panties all in a bunch about it.

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              If you're interested in the basis of the email, Apparently some mommies were concerned their precious little juniors got bit by some black flies.